Mets and Red Sox Repeat Performance 20 Years Later?

I remember exactly where I was 20 years ago when the Mets surprised the sports world and won their second ever World Series. I lived in Queens NY at that time and to say I was happy is a gross understatement.
What are the odds of the same thing happening exactly 20 years later? I would say very good. And yes I would be hoping for the same outcome. The Mets had only 1 previous Word Series win in 1969 and the Braves had not won in 68 years, most believe because of the Babe Ruth Curse. If you are not familiar with the CURSE, legend has it that the Sox were cursed after they sold their 19year old pitcher ( yes he started out as a pitcher) Babe Ruth to the Yankees. As the years went by it seemed more and more feasible that the legend was true. The Yankees won 26 world series, Boston 0. ( They won three while The Babe was still with them)

So one team was a relative new comer, with 1 World Series win and the other an established team who had not won a series in 68 years. A very unlikely pair if there ever was one. Since then each team has appeared in one World Series, the Mets losing to the Yankees in 2000 and the Sox finally beating the curse by winning over the Cardinals in 2004.

Can in happen again? Both teams are in a good position to make it happen.

Right now it is just before the All Star Game, The New Yorkers have a 11 game lead Boston are in first place also. Surely as good as they were 20 years ago. It is very feedable But is there enough of a history between the two teams and their fans to take it to the next level, a level above the normal excitement of a World Series. To the level of the rivalry between the old Brooklyn Dodgers New York Yankees of the ’50’s. Well that is a one of a kind rivalry, But there is a difference between a World Series with two teams that don’t have a history between them and ones that have that certain intensity between them that makes you watch even if you don’t care which one wins.

Could the rivalry between the New York Mets and Boston Red Sox still exist after 20 years? Most of the players of today were children at the time some too young to even remember And the fans, a whole generation has grown up since then. Sure they are each devoted 100% to their home team. But they don’t have the memories of the last series. If it does happen and it is anything like the last series in June at Fenway park, it will be one of the most memorable ever. The park was packed with the fans of both treams. New York fans will not travel that far in those numbers of they don’t think there is a rivalry. And all you had to do was watch the game to be able to feel the energy. Signs for both teams “remember 86″ ” The Curse is Over”. And it was only June. The intensity was almost electric. Between the players and the fans. A lot of baseball has to be played before October. There will be ups and downs, wins and losses winning streaks and losing streaks on both sides .But if the play offs come and go and go and on opening day of the World Series it is the Mets and Red Sox, it could will be deja vu all over again

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