Moreson Conferencing Offers Telephone Conferencing Options

When choosing a conference call provider that is right for your organization, it is important to know a little about how the provider will respond to your needs. Moreson Conferencing, a company driven by superior customer service as well as a strong set of service offerings, may be ideal for your situation.


Moreson Conferencing was formed in 1996, under the direction of Mark Jackson. Jackson was at that time a five year veteran of the teleconferencing industry, and had worked with three other conference call providers. Jackson’s varied experiences during those five years left him with a strong working knowledge of not only how to interact with customers, but also what pitfalls to avoid in procedures, corporate culture, and client care.

Founded on the principle that customers were not merely customers, but partners in the endeavor to successfully hold conference calls, Jackson assembled a team who shared his vision of being a conference call company that sought to be proactive in anticipating client needs and responsive to customer input. Administration functions are intentionally kept at a minimum, allowing the customers to reach relevant personnel within Moreson without having to navigate through a great deal of red tape. In addition, Moreson employees are empowered to respond quickly to customer requests, assuring the success of the Company.


Moreson Conferencing’s service types can be broken down into two distinct categories: traditional operator initiated services and automated toll free services. Both types function with support from Moreson personnel.

Within the category of traditional services, Moreson offers an Operator Dial Out service. Simply put, the customer contacts Moreson’s reservation department, provides the date, time, duration, and number of lines needed for a conference call. The customer also provides a list of names and numbers for persons who are to be connected to the conference. A few moments before the conference is scheduled to begin, Moreson’s operator team initiates dialing out to each person on the customer’s list and makes sure that all parties are connected prior to the conference. In the event that someone is unavailable for the conference, or if there is a substitute for any listed participant, the Moreson operator informs the host of the conference of the changes prior to introducing the host into the conference at large.

Another traditional service provided by Moreson is what is commonly referred to as 800 Meet Me. Within this scenario, the scheduler is given a U.S. based toll free number (with backup numbers for Canadian and international attendees, if needed); upon dialing in for the conference, the caller is greeted by a Moreson operator who will obtain the caller’s name and transfer the line into the conference. For additional security, the client may also request a verbal passcode be established that each participant must give to the operator before being transferred into the conference. At the request of the host, the Moreson operator will conduct a roll call of all parties present at the beginning of the call.

An alternative to 800 Meet Me is referred to as 800 Passcode. As with the previously mentioned service, the scheduler will receive a U.S. based toll free number (Canadian and international numbers upon request). In addition to the dial-in numbers, the scheduler will also receive a numeric passcode. Upon dialing into the Moreson bridge, the caller will hear automated instructions to enter the numeric passcode for the conference he or she wishes to join, then press the pound (#) key. After entering the passcode and pressing “#”, the caller is routed directly into the conference.

Another component of Moreson’s traditional services is its Event Conference. Available with either an operator dial-out platform or 800 Meet Me, an Event Conference is ideal for high profile meetings, such as investor calls or press meetings. With Event Conference, an operator remains with the conference for its duration, offering such services as customized introductions of the host and speakers, conducting question and answer sessions, and providing polling services. Attendance lists are available after the conference has concluded, as are audio tapes and CD’s of any conference that the scheduler has requested be recorded.


From its inception, Moreson Conferencing offered the ability for a customer to establish permanent dial-in information for each person authorized by their organization to host a conference call. As one of the first reservationless service offerings within the United States, Moreson’s QuickCall service rapidly became the service of choice for a number of organizations large and small.

QuickCall provides for a permanent U.S. based toll free dial-in number which also works from Canada. In addition to the number, each host account is provisioned with a participant passcode that is referred to as a Conference ID. For security purposes, there is also a host passcode that is identified as a Moderator PIN. Without use of the Moderator PIN, Moreson’s bridge system will not allow the conference to take place.

After establishing your QuickCall host account with Moreson, you are free to utilize your conference call account at will. There is no need to pre-schedule your conferences with Moreson. Simply notify the persons you wish to gather in a meeting of the date and time of the call, and supply them with your permanent dial-in number and the Conference ID.

During 2003, Moreson began to enhance its QuickCall service with an overlay that would accommodate international locations. That overlay has come to be known as UltraCall. Utilizing voice over internet protocol, Moreson has created a means for persons in several key locations around the world to attend a U.S. based conference by dialing a telephone number that is issued by a telephone company within their respective countries. The wonders of the internet are used to convert this standard phone signal into a data stream that routes across the oceans and to the Moreson bridges, where it is converted back into a standard phone signal and enters the call. UltraCall eliminates the need for costly international toll calls, as well as paying exorbitant fees for international 800 services.

QuickCall and UltraCall services come with a number of host activated functions that include locking and unlocking the conference, muting and un-muting the conference, and recording capability.

At the beginning of the second quarter of 2005, Moreson Conferencing announced a new online tool to help QuickCall and UltraCall clients manage their accounts. This new tool, christened Moreson Control, allows hosts to access their account via the internet and obtain data about past calls, review and update account information, and download a .wav file of any conference the host has recorded in the previous thirty calendar days.


Moreson bills on a calendar month basis. While there is a basic Moreson invoice that provides sufficient detail to work for most of its customers, the Company is open to customizing their invoice structure to meet a client’s needs.


Moreson Conferencing offers competitive pricing for all its audio service options. Specifics about Moreson’s pricing structures are not shared in a public forum, but can be obtained by contacting the Company at the Corporate office. Contact information is available at Moreson’s website,


Moreson does not maintain a generic list of customer references available to the general public. In keeping with its respect for customer’s privacy, Moreson will contact key persons within its client base and request one-time permission to forward their contact information to a potential client.


When it comes to ease of use, few companies are in the same league with Moreson Conferencing. The prevailing attitude with Moreson employees is that the needs of the client are at the top of the line. This has translated into simple procedures for scheduling conference calls, creating customer profiles, changing or updating established accounts, and getting assistance for a special project.

As Moreson Conferencing prepares for its tenth year in business, the Company continues to look for creative ways to enhance its service options and anticipate the needs of its clientele. With nine years if operation behind them, this company has demonstrated its staying power.

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