Motivational Techniques for Writers

Many writers go through what is known as “writer’s block”. This happens when a writer does not have the motivation needed to in order to write whatever piece of work he or she is working on. Finding the right motivation can sometimes be difficult for a writer. Having some motivation techniques can help virtually any writer get past writer’s block and allow the words to flow once more.

One kind of motivation for a writer is the act of freewriting. Freewriting is where the writer writes down whatever comes to mind. This can be done for a certain period of time or as long as the writer wishes. Music can be used to evoke thoughts and emotions that serve as motivation for the writer. Many times freewriting is helpful because it allows the writer to free his or her mind from anything that may have been hindering the writing process.

Sometimes motivation can come through taking a break from writing. A writer can get consumed in writing and literally run out of things to say. Taking a break can be a motivation, because it allows the mind to focus on something outside of writing even for a brief period of time. Watching television, talking to a friend, or taking a walk can all serve as motivation for a writer who has gotten stuck.

Motivation for a writer can also come through experimentation with different styles. Perhaps the writer has become stuck in a rut. Experimentation can be motivation because it expands the mind and starts the imagination to flow. Experiment with different styles of writing. A writer that usually types can switch to hand writing as a means of motivation. Motivation can also come from writing in a different location than usual.

Any writer can receive motivation through some means that is specific to them. If you are a writer seeking motivation, being creative and thinking outside the box can usually start those juices to flowing once again.

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