Motley Crew of Ideas

“I totally feel what you’re saying man, I totally feel that. I mean if that’s what were ought to do, then that’s what were ought to do. I’ve never been one to get in the way of other peoples paths if you know what I mean. I mean that I don’t like to be a detractor from the journey. People do what people do, and intersecting paths totally infringe on what they’re supposed to do. Though I imagine crossings happen for a reason, everything happens for a reason you know. You don’t just cross paths with someone for the sake of being random, it has to all be plotted out beforehand. You are to affect someone else in a different way, and they are supposed to come to you and push on that placid mold you call a soul. See a soul is like a beacon, or a light or something like that. A beacon is an icon in the darkness that shines until it gets snuffed. Whether by outside forces, or impending natural ones that eventually claim us all. I notice more than you do, I notice it all. Everything is put in neat little packages that read themselves out loud. Except when you listen, it doesn’t make total sense at all, it just says to move on to the next parcel. Life’s interconnected like that you know. Everything fits into everything else, making it impossible to ever find the outside, or the inside if that’s what you’re looking for.”

-Quote some taped of me talking, I’ve never said something so weird out loud.

I wish I knew what was going on. I want to be more on the ball. I’m not saying I’m at all slow or anything like that, but in the long run I think most times I miss some key points people try and pick up. I try and act like I know what’s going on but I’m always asking questions. It gets real hard sometimes. Every time I pick an idea up I find another idea underneath it. I reckon that’s how life is. I don’t think there’s a bottom to most questions out there. And I don’t mean factual questions; I’m talking about the questions of life. The ones you know without reading an article. I think that when you take one of those ideas and you start to think about them, in time you start to uncover the ideas layers and its intricate shells, and you find that there’s a deeper source to that problem underneath the simple one you started with. When you started it, though, the problem wasn’t nearly as simple as it is now. So you keep going and you keep uncovering layers and layers, going deeper and deeper into it. I don’t think it’s as simple as going down into the problem, I think things go slanted while you go down. You can never reach the bottom. Problems root into other problems, and the question you’re looking for lies within the answer of another, they all interconnect like that.

Lies are okay as long as they fulfill a belief. Not always a lie but placing varying amounts of faith in different things. When we do not care about something as strongly as another, we lie to ourselves to rationalize our apathy. Some realize the inability to focus on any larger aspect of life, and it may lead to the belief that they are on a higher level of intelligence, but realization isn’t a solution. Some may realize the scope of a lifetime only touches on a small range of life’s possibilities; but it does not change their inability to experience more. There are others who focus their lives on a narrower scope of life, but experience it to a depth that those of “higher conscious” may never achieve. Belief can seem incredulous to some but the only logical means to another. Ones holy war is another’s plague of society. If we see through the lens of whatever it is we believe in, opposition is naturally going to occur. Where there is strong faith in an idea, there is always a strong supposition that the idea is the highest and truest idea of life. Martin Luther King Jr. spent his life achieving, among other things, racial equality. It became his life’s work, and his work was his life. He believed that achieving this was the way to a better society, and it became his source of faith. He was religious as well, a reflection of the society he wished to achieve. Molded by his faith in religion, his faith in a better society is what drove him to strive for what he did. Other lives are spent rebuking the faith of religion, citing its short comings with such demeaning deportment as to create disbelief in why it’s so influential in society. This is why ones faith can be the only logical faith, with all others falling short on an intellectual level. There may be an attempt to irrigate faiths of societies to follow certain traditions, anomalies may occur in cases of devout conviction different than the mainstream that find positions of mass influence. A deep belief in an idea may allow that person to break free of any global social traditions, more specifically those instilled by the common characteristics of most religions. Most religions argue their distinct differences to distinguish themselves as the righteous religion, but all share the idea of social order. Similar faith and beliefs may be found in societies that can be radically opposed, solely because of their attempts to distinguish individuality.

It’s hard to be yourself when everyone else is watching you try to do just that. I don’t think that people are naturally social beings. Most of us try to get along in social situations and just generally when it comes to being congenial and polite, trying to get along as smoothly as possible in a worldly sense, but its never true to the self. I can try and push my own being on other people as much as I want but that would mean that everyone else would have to bend their own being to match my own. That’s why its hard to find someone who truly is a match. Its hard to tell if you really have a lot of things in common with someone because love can blind you to the point that you really just don’t know.

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