Move on to the New Food Guide Pyramid

Everybody is aware of the food guide pyramid because when we were kids we have all been taught about it in our nutrition class. The food guide pyramid consists of the basic dietary guidelines which we need to follow to lead a healthy life. This pyramid has been around for ages but ironically today more and more Americans are overweight.

This might make you think that the food guide pyramid wasn’t really helpful. Or probably the reason is that people are not following the dietary guidelines. Whatever be the case overhauling the old food pyramid was necessary. Therefore the United States Department of Agriculture has created the MyPyramid.

The MyPyramid is a personalized tool which helps in making correct diet choices. The new food pyramid has something for everybody – for people who are overweight and even for those who are already making healthy choices.

MyPyramid acknowledges the fact that not everybody is the same and understands that some people need to eat more while others have to eat less. The pyramid provides personalized guidelines to suit your lifestyle. This means that now people don’t need to go to a dietician, MyPyramid is all that you need.

The Features of the New Food Pyramid Include:

Calorie Counting

The pyramid stresses on keeping a count on the calories that we intake. Keeping a count makes us realize how much we are eating and thus helps us know when we have deviated from the plan. The food pyramid advices people to use foods high in sugar and fat sparingly and also stresses on increasing the consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Protein consumption should be limited to lean meats and non-meat sources. The pyramid also advices to keep varying the types of fruits you eat so that things don’t become boring.


Exercise is extremely essential if a person wishes to lead a healthy and life. Therefore the new food guide pyramid asks people to incorporate exercise into their lifestyles. Tips have been provided on how to get started and how much exercise will provide results.

Personal Plan

The new food guide pyramid essentially consists of 12 separate pyramids. This helps is catering to the needs to people of different age groups and lifestyles. You just have to provide your age, gender and activity level and the MyPyramid will offer a personalized eating plan.

Provides Options

It has been understood that it will not be easy for everybody to make all of the changes that have been advised. Therefore alternatives have also been provided. For example if you are finding it difficult to consume milk products then you are given the option to have soy products and leafy greens instead. This way you will be getting enough calcium even without consuming milk.

It will be hard for you to make all the changes in one go. Therefore you are advised to take one step at a time so that in the long run you would have easily switched to a healthy lifestyle. In the beginning you can also make use of diet pills like Phentermine and Xenical. You will require talking to a doctor before using these drugs as a prescription will be required. These diet pills are actually appetite suppressants so while you are using Phentermine you won’t feel that hungry. You will manage to reduce you calorie intake because while using Phentermine you won’t feel the need to eat again and again and also be satisfied by eating smaller amounts. This will help you to slowly regain control over your diet and lead a healthy life.

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