Quick Home Remedies for Migraine Headaches

Migraines do not always require a prescribed or over the counter medicine. Migraines can be cured, or at the least lessened, by using folk remedies. More commonly called alternative medicine, home remedies are not complex chemical compounds but rather common sense and know-how.

There is inexpensive forms of relief from migraine headaches. One that is packaged on the open market is ice wraps. The store bought type is meant to be placed on the forehead or neck of the migraine victim. This originated with the homemade version of ice wraps.

Wet a towel liberally, then squeeze, not wring, some of the water out. Fold until the towel can easily be placed in the freezer. Leave in for about five minutes or until the towel begins to stiffen up. Unfold the towel and refold, trying to place the frozen section towards the middle and the wet sections toward the outside. When the towel is reasonably frozen, place around the head and eyes.

Another home remedy is salt consumption. If the migraine is in the starting stages, a snack of Fritos corn chips, fries covered with large amounts of salt or any other very salty food will calm the attack. Sometimes this calm before the storm is the end, sometimes it is not. However, this calm period does provide you with time to prepare the frozen towel treatment.

This next treatment requires a second person. In a darkened quiet room, relax as someone massages your scalp. Massage the head, but not the temples. Another form is to be massaged with the ice towel wrap on the head and eyes. Ten minutes of massage should do the trick, if not then it is time for something else.

A good way to relieve the headache is to prevent it. Close scrutiny can uncover patterns, such as getting a migraine attack after eating certain foods or after not getting enough sleep. Some people may find that the attack is caused from bright or flashing lights, loud noise or even stress. Defining the cause is a giant step in controlling and relieving migraine headache attacks.

Not all migraine attacks are treatable with home remedies. If you are suffering and these tips do not help, then there is treatment medicines that can be purchased. If you are suffering many headaches, or are receiving no relief from over the counter medicines, please consult your doctor for medical care.

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