Moving? Booking a Moving Company

When looking to hire a moving company or better known as the “moving guys,” it is better to book moving dates in advance, way ahead of your actual moving date. moving companies who take care of the packaging and moving of your household goods has to ensure that all your belongings are insured.

Be sure to calculate how much space you will need accurately as possible because you don’t want to pay for too much truck space or worse not enough truck space. This leads to more problems believe me!

I was helping a friend move and we had to make three truck rotations, it wasn’t fun to say the least. So do yourself a favor in tallying up the appropriate amount of space you need to prevent wasting time, discomfort and wasting money.

By the time the moving company arranges for a bigger truck it will delay the moving process all together thus zapping a lot of time that you will never get back. A good idea is to take advice from the moving guys they are very knowledgeable and have a good idea of what can go in their truck.

It is always smarter to let the moving company take care of the packing as well because it comes with a lower risk and obviously you wont have to go through all the trouble and dirtying your hands. Though there is less risk involved in doing it this way, though you should be aware of the procedure and the personnel who are packaging your stuff, it is always good to check their credentials to keep yourself out of any trouble and being duped.

As I said earlier, most of the moving companies do provide insurance while transporting your goods, it is always in your benefit to check these papers carefully and go through the clauses, terms and conditions. Should it happen, a certain item was damaged while in transit and you discover that it is not covered under the insurance provided by the moving company. It does not take more than 2 days for all the belongings to be unpacked, so keep tabs on the people handling your package. Always ask for and check their ID if you see a new personnel walking in.

Organize and confirm everything with the moving company in advance to make sure everything is on schedule. If things are well planned then you can experience a safer and hassle free move of your belongings by the moving company.

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