Murphy Oil Soap: Consumer Product Review

Murphy (R) Oil Soap is a high- quality, safe and gentle liquid soap that is ideal for cleaning all types of finished wood surfaces, particularly finished hardwood floors. The 16 fluid ounce bottle of Murphy (R) Oil Soap, with its yellow, red and green label, has been a trusted and reliable household cleaning agent for over 100 years. Billing itself as a pure vegetable oil soap, this biodegradable water- based cleaner is known for safely cleaning finished wood and other household surfaces without leaving a dulling residue. Personally, I have been utilizing Murphy (R) Oil Soap for a variety of cleaning jobs for over ten years now and have always been very satisfied with the performance of this product.

My introduction to Murphy (R) Oil Soap was in 1999, when I was working at a restaurant in Manchester, Connecticut. The small dining room of this restaurant featured a hardwood floor which was finished with polyurethane. One of my duties at the restaurant was to wash and hand- dry the hardwood floor every Saturday afternoon, after the restaurant closed for the weekend. The chef/ owner of the establishment insisted that I dilute approximately 1/2 cup of Murphy’s (R) Oil Soap in 2 gallons of warm water, then mop the entire dining room floor with the solution. Never before, had I used Murphy (R) Oil Soap. After mopping the finished hardwood floor with the soapy solution, I was required to let the floor dry for a few minutes, then literally get on my hands and knees and buff the floor with soft towels. Truth be told, after mopping the finished hardwood floor with the Murphy (R) Oil Soap solution, the hardwood floor appeared to be very clean and at first I thought that the hand- rubbing was un-necessary. According to the instructions printed on the label of Murphy (R) Oil Soap, no rinsing is required and that certainly holds true. But, after buffing, or wiping the finished hardwood floor after the soap solution had dried, brought forth results that were spectacular. The finished hardwood floor would become radiantly clean and produced a shine that was quite remarkable.

Ever since then, I began purchasing Murphy (R) Oil Soap to personally use at home, for a variety of cleaning jobs. The golden- colored liquid soap itself is quite thick and a small amount goes a long way. Besides providing top- rate cleaning of finished hardwood floors, Murphy (R) Oil Soap also cleans ceramic tile, no- wax floors and many types of painted surfaces. I regularly utilize it for cleaning my kitchen and bathroom floors, as well as the kitchen cabinets and shelving units. According to the label instructions, Murphy (R) Oil Soap is also recommended for use in the cleaning of laundry stains, cars, vinyl, wood paneling and laminate floors. Another feature afforded by Murphy (R) Oil Soap that I particularly enjoy is the clean and fresh aroma that it instills on all surfaces that are cleaned by it.Unlike many other household cleaners, which often give- off perfumy or cloying scents, the scent of Murphy (R) Oil Soap is one of genuine, non- offensive cleanliness. All things considered, Murphy (R) Oil Soap is a reasonably priced, dependable household cleaner that consistently offers high- quality cleaning results. This excellent household cleaning product can normally be purchased at supermarkets, pharmacies and department stores everywhere.

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