My Children

My children are my world
Each different and yet the same
made of two bodies, two hearts, two souls
come together out of love.

Created from
the energy of the universe
with the help of God’s loving touch

Each capable of seeking, finding and retaining
vast amounts of knowledge

With hope for the future made possible
with every question
asked and answered

My Children are the leaders of tomorrow
strong with ideas
and armed with dreams

I pour into them all I know
of people, the world and things
but their wisdom & knowledge
will far surpass my mind
in the coming years

Their wide eyes and open minds
so eager to learn

I will try to guide them
towards their hopes
and help them realize their dreams

Someday I pray
that my children & yours
will be the keys to the peace we seek

So love them & nurture them
and do not cloud their judgment
with hatred, deceit, prejudice & fear.

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