MySpace: Danger or Fun?

Lately listening to the conversations of peers my age all they have to talk about is the site my space. Me myself I have to admit that I’ve been tempted to join too. It seems to be a lot of fun, you post pictures of you your friends and family. You can also listen to music and chat. It’s all free, and yes created with the purpose for you to have a good time, but are there dangers?

Mostly young people, ranging from ages 12 and up have been using this website. Although it’s all well and good myspace is not a good website for people those ages. I recently read in the Time magazine of a young girl who hooked up with a nineteen year old boy posing to be a senior in highschool. She went to meet him, they had intercourse and now the girl is suing my space for damage. Then their’s the experience of a sixteen yearold girl who met a man through my space and went to meet him in a foreign country. Ever since her parents or police haven’t been able to find her. Youths are chatting with people who they don’t know and never seen, which poses a danger. These strangers who pretend to be something their not are sick people who have the ability to lure these young people into grave suitations.

So what do we do? Do we sit around and let this happen or do we take actions to do something about it? I say we find ways to prevent this.

I think my space should have a age limit to who can join. Eighteen and up. The website should only be limited to mature adults who are able to make wise desicions for themselves. Don’t you think. But of course if this is done, there won’t be much business for my space. But at least our youths will be safe.

Or my space can have some kind of protection to prevent teens from chatting. Until this is done I suggest that parents watch their children closely while they are using the internet. Place the computer in a public room in your house. Like the livingroom, but in any case children should not have access to the internet in their rooms.

In conclusion all I have to say is that my space is not always a healthy site for a child. So let’s take some action!

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