Webpage Design: The Top 3 Profile Editors

Basic HTML is simple, but it can look very confusing to an untrained eye. That is why several companies have created webpage editors. They basically ask you the questions, and create an HTML code for you that you can cut and paste into your site. For the website design challenged, there are 3 simple and easy to use HTML editors that you can use to customize your webpage. Each of these profile editors have preview buttons so you can see a sample of what your page will look like before you use any of the codes.

Here is a rundown of the best 3 profile editors, each are extremely easy to use. I will highlight the differences between them below.

Thomas’ Myspace Editor:

This is a widely use profile editor on It is very simple and is the most basic version of these three. There are actually several different versions of the profile editor itself, but you can choose the most recent one to keep it simple. This editor allows you to use background images, change text, colors of the page as well as colors of fonts and links. This editor gives you quite a bit of personal freedom and creativity. However, if you do not feel comfortable combining different colors because you aren’t sure what looks good, you should check out the next 2 editors. Be sure to “preview” what you are working on to make sure the site is looking like you intended. Once you decide you like what you’ve got, simply click on “generate code”, copy and paste into the About Me section on your site.

This website editor has pre-made layouts made specifically for They are colorful, vibrant and full of patterns. When you get to the site you should navigate to the table that says Myspace, click on Myspace layouts and you will be given a plethora of layouts to choose from. When you click on the categories you will see a small sample of what the page will look like. To use one of these layouts click on “click here to get the code” copy the code and paste it into your About Me section of Myspace. This editor is perfect for people who don’t want to mess with trying to combine colors, they are all pre-made for you. And I might say, they are all very fun and vibrant.

Myspace Layouts +:

This site is similar to in that is has pre-made layouts. However, the layouts are a little more risquÃ?© than While has polka dots and flowers, you’ll notice that this site is a bit bolder. Males or females making sites who aren’t interested in flowery designs might like this site. For example, you will find pre made layouts that are anti-Bush, 50 cent, Abercrombie & Fitch and much more. They also feature flowery, pink layouts but there is just a wider variety. To get the code for this one, click on “to view the codes for this layout, click here” and you can do the same thing as the above sites. For this code, you’ll need to copy and paste it into the About Me section at the END.

So those are the best 3 profile editors that I have come across. They are simple, easy to use and creative. There is so much more you can do to your site but it’s best to keep it simple. If you add too much to your site, it will take a long time to load when people open it to view it. Using these layouts will keep it simple, and your site will still reflect your personality!

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