Natural Decongestants vs Allergy Medications

Spring is here. Allergies are here, too. Spring is a wonderful colorful season. But for me, it is also the time of the year in which I have to start buying more allergy pills and I find myself more and more congested. I hate being congested. I also hate the way I feel when I have to take allergy pills. I decided to do some research and see if I can find some natural ways to stop some of my suffering.

If you are an allergy suffer, I suppose I don’t have to tell you the basics. But maybe you are new to allergies. If you are, maybe you don’t know the basic no-no’s yet. Here are a few.

Air conditioners can be your best friend. Keep those windows and doors closed, as often as you can. You must keep those windows closed whenever a neighbor is mowing. Grass is the most common allergen. This also means you can not hang your wash outside, no matter how tempting it might be for you to do, especially if this is a tradition in your family (as is mine). You also must keep those nice smelling spring flowers outdoors. Although they look pretty in vases, they can cause havoc to your allergies.

Those are the simple no-nos. Now for some basic ways to keep our nasal passage clear the natural way.

Steam Therapy:

This is a gentle and soothing way to help loosen up your nasal passage. This method also doesn’t interfere with any medications you are taking. It is also easy. Warm some water to boiling. (thus the steam). Carefully, pour the water into a bowl. Now place yourself above the bowl to inhale the steam. Covering your head with a towel is also helpful.

You can also add a few drops of eucalyptus oil into the water. The eucalyptus will further help loosen the mucus and can even help sore throats.

Natural Supplements:

Garlic and horseradish are popular supplement choices for opening up ones sinuses. You can also add these to your foods, if you can handle the taste. You also shouldn’t forget the popular onion. They make us cry when we cut them. Go cut a few. They can really open up those sinus cavities.

Like spicy foods. Spicy foods can also open up those sinuses.

Chicken Soup:

We love it when we have a cold. But chicken soup or any hot liquid from a cup will help. Make sure it is hot enough that steam is coming from it. Inhale the steam before eating. The steam will help unclog the sinus cavity and the liquid will help dilute the mucus allow it pass through easier.

Hot compresses:

Placing hot wash clothes onto your face, especially the area that feels congested, will help combat swelling of the sinus passages. You can also use eye masks, just warm them in the microwave.

Take a hot shower:

Stand in the shower and allow the steam to envelop you.

Will these tips work as well as my normal decongestant? They may work. They may not work. But I will definitely try to incorporate them into my routine.

Decongestants should not be used on a daily basis. They are addicting and they do have a drying effect.

If your symptoms do not improve or worsen, please talk to your doctor. You may not just be suffering from a common cold, or allergies. You may be congested because of an infection.

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