How to Cleanse Your Body Through Fasting

There are a number of ways to cleanse the body, but the most natural and effective is to go on a fast. When you keep a fast you are giving your body a full rest from food. Therefore, most of our energy goes to digesting the food, if there is no food that needs to be digested, your body will have a lot more energy than the usual. You can use this energy to work on things that it normally doesn’t have time for such as recovering wounds, building new cells and removal of harmful toxins in the body. During the fast the body goes into a self cleansing mode, and helps to heal the longstanding health problems. Old people who lost their eye sight have regained their vision while fasting. Our bodies have the function to recover themselves from anything. However, if your body consists of toxins and you eat foods that are hard to digest, there is a high risk of disease manifesting and thriving. As a result, fasting is a great way to rid your body of the harmful toxins.


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    Water fasting

    Water fast is when you drink only water for a long period of time. It is highly advised because it is very powerful. Nevertheless, if you have never fasted and you cannot keep water fast, you can try juice and mono fasting, as they are mild and also provide benefits.

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    Juice fasting

    This is where you consume only fruit and vegetable juices for an extended time period. This is also known as the liquid plumber for the body as they are all very powerful internal cleansers. Juice fasting is easier than water fasting because drinking juice will give you extra calories along with vitamins and minerals. If you drink eight to 10 glasses of juice daily you will not feel any hunger pains during the day. People can keep 100 consecutive juice fasts. It is recommended to make the juices at home with a machine and try to avoid bottled juice from the store because those juices consist of artificial flavors, preservatives, food coloring, pesticides, herbicides and other additives which are toxic.

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    Mono fasting

    It is where you eat only one kind of fruit or vegetable for a long period of time. Some people don’t think of this as an actual fast as you are still eating, but you will ease the burden on your digestive system from complex food combining with each other.

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