Natural Ways to Relieve Heartburn

While heartburn is a naturally occurring discomfort that plagues us all from time to time, it is a discomfort that many find difficult to relieve. Heartburn is a result of natural stomach acids creeping up into the esophagus that causes the telltale burning and irritation. While there are many medicinal products on the market to relieve the discomfort of chronic heartburn, some natural remedies can be used for occasional cases.

Prevention is the best way to naturally treat and relieve heartburn. Heartburn can be caused or encouraged by eating certain foods. Spicy foods seem to increase heartburn along with some lesser-known irritants such as peppermint. Eating these foods in moderation or eliminating them from the diet may be a natural way to relieve heartburn.

If giving up such foods is not an option, consider eating them earlier in the day, at least several hours before bedtime. Lying horizontally in bed can give irritants help in reaching the esophagus and causing irritations. By eating earlier, the body has a chance to digest before heartburn can occur. If you find yourself in bed with heartburn, another natural remedy would be to prop yourself up with pillows to allow gravity to help ease the discomfort.

Another common natural remedy to relieve heartburn is milk. The basic nature of milk counteracts the acid and coats the esophagus to bring natural relief straight from your refrigerator.

Natural remedies to relieve heartburn are a great option for those who suffer occasionally from the common discomfort. Being able to relieve heartburn without medications is a reasonable option for many. However, some individuals may suffer from more serious problems whereas such remedies will not relieve or eliminate symptoms. In such cases, seek the help of a medical professional to help relieve more serious cases.

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