Natural Ways to Repel Bugs in the Home

Sharing a home with bugs is not at all desirable, especially spiders, ants and moths. Not only are they revolting, but some can cause extensive damage. Chemical products that are formulated to kill pests usually work, but they have side effects that can harm people, pets, household surfaces and the environment. Whenever possible, use natural products to repel them instead. They smell better, and they are not dangerous. Opt for natural ways to repel bugs in the home, and get rid of moths, spiders, ants and more.

Use Cedar Blocks or Shavings to Get Rid of Moths

Moths can cause extensive damage in the home, but they are easy to repel without using chemical products. They have an aversion to natural cedar. It works like a charm to repel them and keep them away. Store off season clothing or blankets in a cedar chest, or line a closet with natural cedar boards for year round use. Alternately, you can buy cedar blocks or fill a zippered pillowcase with cedar shavings to keep unwanted bugs and moths away. Store them in areas where you want to repel destructive bugs, and prevent them from chewing holes in your fabrics.

Does your old cedar chest need to be refreshed? The article entitled How to Refresh the Smell of a Cedar Chest provides very easy instructions. It can look and smell like it did when it was new. Even very old wood can be rejuvenated! The scent of the natural oil works to repel bugs that include moths of the most common variety.

Repel and Control Ants with a Spritz of White Vinegar

Forget about using chemical sprays when trying to repel and kill ants. White vinegar works quickly and easily. Simply spritz it around the perimeter of the room or in the areas where ants have been noticed. When in doubt, test it on inconspicuous areas of potentially sensitive surfaces before using a greater amount. It is acidic and can damage delicate or varnished surfaces that have been inundated by bugs of any variety.

Plant Fragrant Herbs Around the Exterior of Your Home

Bugs in the home usually originate outdoors, but you can repel them and prevent a problem before it starts. Plant fragrant herbs around the exterior of your home. They will repel all sorts of bugs from spiders to silverfish. They will also serve a valuable purpose in the kitchen. Fresh herbs taste far better than dried and bottled varieties.

Use Lemon Peels to Drive Away Spiders

Lemon oil works exceptionally well to repel spiders in the home, but expensive bottled products are not required. When trying to repel spiders and other bugs with lemon oil, simply rub the peels over the surfaces that spiders have been known to frequent. The natural lemon oil will emerge from the peels while applying a little pressure, and it will work to repel spiders and other bugs that do not like citrus. Natural citrus peels can also be used to beautifully shine wood trim and baseboards while keeping the bugs away.

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