Natural Ways to Treat Headaches – Make Headaches Go Away Without Medication

As someone often plagued with headaches, and a sensitive stomach to boot, I have found a few natural ways to eliminate them. Here are a few different types of headaches and my methods for eliminating the pain.

Natural way to treat a Tension headache: usually start in my shoulder blade or neck. It eventually crawls up the back of my neck and wreaks havoc on my entire skull. I have found that when caught early enough, sitting in my massage chair (massage pad affixed to normal chair $100.00), often eliminates all traces of the headache. A manual shizitsu massage works wonders on eliminating headaches due to physical and mental tension. If I feel a headache coming on when at the mall, I find the massage area and take advantage of the magic fingers.

If you do not have access to a chair or manual massage, you need to purchase a product called The Ball Method. It consists of two balls and instructions on how to use them to erase tension and realign your spine. When I cannot get my hands on any of these things, I fill a sock with rice, tie it closed and pop it in a microwave to soothe those tense muscles before they become a real pain in the neck.

Migraine Headaches are the worst. For me, they usually start with a twitching right eye and seeing spots. I get these mostly when I am angry or sad from grinding my jaw. I also get these when I am tired. You need to learn to recognize migraine headaches before they are full strength. I like to roll my neck in circles to loosen my neck muscles as well as exercise my jaw by opening my mouth very wide and making circles. This relaxes my jaw, and facial muscles, which can help to hold my migraine at bay. The best cure I have for a migraine is a bit of sleep. For me, a nap is a good migraine reset button, even if it is just for 10 minutes.

Overall, dull aching headaches are often a symptom of a greater problem. For me it is dehydration. I also get these headaches when I am sick with the cold or flu. Mild dehydration is often the culprit responsible for this type of headache. I like to drink two glasses of water and then take a five or 10-minute cat-map, if I can get away with it.

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