Natural Remedies for Baldness

Are you going bald? Baldness is a sign that your body is wearing down. Unfortunately for many men, though, their body gets that signal prematurely, and they begin to lose their hair. This type of early hair loss, where otherwise healthy people begin to lose their hair, is caused by a build-up of waste products in the hair follicles.

There are natural remedies for hair loss, however. While these remedies cannot restore hair or completely halt it from falling out, it can slow down the process. One of the simplest home remedies for baldness is hydrotherapy. You can start this therapy by taking time each day to alternate putting a cold and hot cloth on your head. If this process is too cumbersome, try alternating currents in the shower. This home remedy can help prevent baldness because the water will increase circulation in your head and help wash away wastes that may be blocking the follicles.

Another possible way to increase the circulation to your scalp is to exercise regularly. Exercise has so many health benefits that no one should be without it, but it is a particular help if you are going to try to fight baldness.

Another home remedy to help prevent baldness is to take the herb silica. Nettle and horsetail both contain silica. There are several ways you can and should take nettle and horsetail if you want to reverse hair loss. The first step is to visit your local alternative medicine store and pick up tablet forms of one of these silica products. You can take these capsules for up to a year to try to prevent baldness.

Also pick up the raw herbs and use them to make a rinse for your hair. Use it as a conditioner of sorts, and you should begin to see improvement. You can add rosemary oil, which has a pleasant smell, and some apple vinegar to the tea rinse. The silica products work because silica is a natural ingredient to strengthen your hair.

A second herbal option is to increase the circulation to your hair follicles. Much like the natural hydrotherapy method, the herbal method will remove waste from the hair follicles. There are a couple of methods to try here, but the easiest is to increase your consumption of spicy foods, especially those foods that contain cayenne. Try to have a spicy meal at least twice a week to increase the circulation to your scalp. Does eating spicy foods make you think of clearing your head? Well, cayenne does just that to your scalp. Another option is to take six cayenne capsules daily for continuously improved circulation.

If you are not interested in the spicy foods method or are allergic to cayenne, try making a ginger compress. Make a cup of strong tea with 10 slices of ginger and a few drops of rosemary oil. Once the ginger tea is steeped but not scalding hot, dip a washcloth in it. Wring out the cloth and apply it to your scalp. Leave the ginger compress on your scalp until it is no longer warm. Repeat this practice at least twice each day.

Remember that these methods cannot help everyone, but they can improve your chances naturally to prevent unwanted hair loss. Try them out and see if they work for you.

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