Nature is Awesome!

The power of Nature is Awesome. I witnessed, first hand, this power last night. I was watching the weather on the TV, seeing this huge thunderstorm moving right toward my location. The center of the storm on the radar was black and white denoting large hail. The wind was blowing 30 to 40 mph directly into the front of my mobile home, and gusts up to 70mph had been reported by the storm trackers.

I packed towels around my loose fitting windows and the door on the front of my house, and just as I finished, the power went out, the wind picked up and the hail started. I lit some candles and went to the hall to sit away from windows, as there was nothing more I could do to secure them.

That storm passed in about 15 or 20 minutes. I didn’t look at the clock. It seemed like forever, but I know from the amount the candles had burned down that it wasn’t very long.

I looked out the window and saw the lights of a plane taking off from the airport about four miles from my house and hoped the storm was over, but I knew it wasn’t. Before the power went out I had seen another storm coming hard on the heels of the first one, but it didn’t seem to be carrying any hail.

I took the towels that I’d packed around the door and windows (by now they were soaked), and replaced them and went to bed.

Before I had a chance to doze off the thunder began to roll and lightening flash. The thunder sounded like a huge tarp was hung low in the sky and the wind was continually making it flap. The lightening was a choreographed light show in all directions. The thunder and lightening never let up, they were continual for a very long time. Again I didn’t look at the clock, because the one in my bedroom is electric. Eventually the thunder became loud booms followed by low rumbles which hadn’t subsided before the next boom, and finally the rain began to fall again. Such gentle rain from so much noise and light!

It was truly an awesome spectacle! And ominous and eerie. At some point I just put everything in the hands of the creator, and as soon as I let go of the fear, even knowing how much destruction can come out of such a storm, I was simply awestruck by the magnificent power of nature instead of being terrified.

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