Negotiation Tips on Getting a Promotion or a Raise

There are many individuals in the business world who got where they are today solely because of their hard work and commitment. There are other workers who excel in their career because they are a hard worker, but they also know how to effectively negotiate with their boss. The two most common things that employees in the business world try and negotiate with is their pay and their current work position. Many workers are constantly looking for ways to increase their salary or receive a promotion. While many individuals are successful at negotiating there are other who could use a little bit of assistance.

What many individuals fail to realize before asking for a raise or a promotion is that there is a time to ask and there is a time not to ask. Straight up asking for or negotiating a raise or a promotion is all about the timing. An individual may be qualified for a raise or a promotion, but if they ask for one at the wrong time they can come off looking extremely unprofessional. The best time to speak to a superior about a raise or a promotion is when there is not a lot of excitement going on in the office. If a boss seems busy or preoccupied it may be best to wait until later to ask. It is also important to speak to a boss about a raise or a promotion in private. Having an audience is not only unprofessional, but it adds extra pressure on superiors. Many individuals feel that the pressure is just what they need to get what they want; however, that is not a proper negotiating technique. Many workers who do this actually end up at causing office tension between themselves and their superiors.

One thing that many workers do and should do is expect their superiors to say no to their raise or promotion request. Although thinking positive has its benefits it is important to devise a backup plan. Individuals who assume that their boss will given them the raise or promotion that they are requesting are not always prepared for a denial. This is the time when negotiations should begin. Individuals always seeking a raise or a promotion are encouraged to keep on trying by using negotiation. It is important that employees get their superiors to realize their talents and all of their accomplishments without unfairly pressuring their boss to make a decision. Many large offices may have a number of workers; therefore, an office manger may not be aware of the accomplishments of each and every worker. Employees are encouraged to use this time to “sell themselves” for the position and reminded their bosses of their accomplishments.

There are many companies who already have established guidelines for when raises will be handed out. Employees can try and negotiate a raise even during these situations; however, it may be a little bit more difficult. Not all office managers or supervisors are in charge of promoting or paying employees. If this is the case it is important to determine exactly who is in charge of the process and then start over from the beginning. It may take time to negotiate a raise or a promotion; however, the only regrets are from those who fail to even ask.

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