Nintendo News: Final Fantasy, Rumors, Contests

In a discussion thread at, Nintendo editor Matt Casamassina tantalized fans of the big N by revealing that the rumor going round the camp fire at the Leipzig Games Convention is that Nintendo will be revealing a brand new Kid Icarus sequel for the upcoming Wii. Casamassina stressed that this is purely a rumor right now but all will be revealed at Nintendo’s “Wii Prove Our Promise” presentation tomorrow morning.

On the Nintendo DS front, in a press release today Square-Enix revealed that the DS remake of Final Fantasy III will be released in North America on November 14th. To date, Final Fantasy III remains the only entry in the series to have never been translated into English or released in the Western market. The remake of the NES classic features fully 3-D graphics and a revamped interface.

Nintendo and MTV have teamed up for a give away contest called “Played-Out”. Contestants are being called to take photographs of themselves playing handheld games in the most outlandish fashion possible and then submit them at The grand prize winner receives an all-expense paid trip on a Zero-G zero gravity plane for them and a friend as well as a Nintendo DS Lite and copies of Metroid Prime Hunters, Mario Kart DS, and Tetris DS.

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