Pursuit Force – a Must Have Action Game for PSP Owners Worldwide

I have recently bought my brand new PSP and I got Pursuit Force free with it as it looked like an allright game on the box. However when I got it home and gave it a go I was stunned. I soon got caught up in the intense drama of the game and it really is a can’t put down game.

The first few missions on the game are fairly simple but as soon as you think you’ve got the game worked out you are plunged into much harder, far more advanced missions. Some games like this have a short life span as they have little variation in the mission. With Pursuit Force, however, this is not true. The large quantity of different vehicles available (Police chase vehicles, helicopters, speedboats, motorbikes, 4x4s and on foot) makes for consistently interesting game play.

The basis of the game is that you are a police man in a special part of the force called the police force. You are involved in high speed chases and are able to jump from vehicle to vehicle. You can even use deadly force to control the criminals!

One of the major disadvantages is the lack of a story line, but this is quite common for PSP games due to the small disk size. The only bit of story their is is the ability to progress through ranks.

During the game there is a pacy soundtrack that matches the game perfectly and allows for the optimum gaming experience. However the banter of ‘the chief’ can be quite anoying when you have to repeat a mission as he says the same thing everytime without fail. Also the graphics are good despite being slightly cartoony. These graphics can make the game feel quite real as their is a lot of activity on the streets of a city but very little in the mountains for instance.

Overall I would say that this is a 5 star game and I would recommend it to anyone with a PSP who enjoys action games.

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