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Offering a superb and adventurous ride on the fastest motorcycle around, Wicked Rider 2 is an online flash game that requires nothing more than a working internet connection, and Adobe Flash Player. Akin to old-school motorcycle games like Road Rash, the game features outlaw riders and offers a thrilling adventure, presenting a world where the going can get tough owing to the lack of rules and laws. In addition, there are extra features, such as the Nitro, which you can grab in order to go faster and win races. By winning, racking up high scores, and gaining the maximum amount of money, you can work towards upgrading your bike and unlocking new tracks.


Down Arrow – Brake
Left Arrow – Steer Left
Right Arrow – Steer Right
X/N – Activate Nitro
P – Pause / Options


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    How to play

    - While the bike you are given will already be a pretty powerful machine, you can gain an edge over the other riders by using nitro. You have to collect maximum nitro in order to speed up your super bike, and fly past the other riders.

    - Make sure you avoid collisions, particularly with other bikes, as this will slow down the speed of your own bike.

    - Make sure you keep an eye on the distance covered, which is mentioned at the top right corner of your screen, and then speed your bike up accordingly, in order to make it to the finish line in time.

    - If your X/N button is not working while playing this game on full screen, you can also use the space bar in order to activate nitro.

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    About Wicked Rider 2

    Wicked Rider 2 is a super simple yet exciting and electrifying game that has been created by a game developer by the name of Umut Dervis. The game is all about motorbikes and outlaw riders. There are a total of 15 tracks in this game, and you have to make the maximum amount of money in order to continuously upgrade your bike and unlock newer tracks.

    The game is replete with adventure and requires a fair amount of daring on the part of the rider, as you do not need to follow any laws while riding your bike. Moreover, there are no restrictions like speed limit, making the game even more exhilarating, as you can cover great distances in almost no time. The controls are extremely simple and can easily be mastered after a race or two, making the game fun and easy to play at the same time.

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