Older Moms Vs. Younger Moms

Do younger moms have more fun with their children? Are older moms more patient? Which is best for you? A recent survey done by Baby Talk magazine examined just what the myths and realities are when it comes to motherhood at any age. The magazine used 35 as its dividing age, though many would agree that 35 can hardly be considered “old”.

In recent years the trend toward becoming a mother at an older age has been apparent. No longer are most women interested in getting married right out of high school and beginning a family within year. Many women are instead choosing to pursue higher education, careers and stability both financially and emotionally before becoming a mother. Though, unfortunately, we are finding that all too often these women are paying the price for waiting by having to undergo expensive fertility treatments and the heartbreak of infertility. On the other hand, there are still many women who choose to enter motherhood before, during, or in lieu of the pursuit of an education or career. These younger mothers may pay the price by not being as financially stable or emotionally ready to take on the challenges of motherhood. Still, many times both older and younger moms seem to dodge the common stereotype and problems associated with having children at any age.

The survey done by Baby Talk magazine found that despite our claim to support one another as mothers despite our age difference, both groups of mothers have a bit of judgment when it comes to the other group. It seems that 44% of younger moms believe that older moms are not as physically able to meet the demands of baby and child parenting. Seventy percent of older moms feel that their younger counterparts do not possess the emotional maturity to care for a baby. A small percentage of younger moms seem to feel that older moms are selfish for having put their education or career first while a larger percentage of older moms feel that women having children at a young age are irresponsible. Of course, it seems that neither side is taking into consideration that some older moms may have wanted children at a younger age or vice versa.

Younger moms feel that having more energy for their children is a big benefit of having children at a young age. However, older moms who stay healthy and fit will likely have no problems with keeping up with their children as they grow. Many older moms feel that their children will benefit from their wisdom and life experiences and the fact that they have spent time getting to know themselves before having children. However, maturity and wisdom is not something that can be judged by age.

The most important thing that mothers of any age can do is to learn from each other. Dropping prejudgments and belief in stereotypes is essential if older and younger mothers are to form friendships and relish the common bond of motherhood.

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