One-of-a-kind Gift Wrapping Ideas

Anyone can quickly wrap a gift with purchased paper and a cheap stick-on bow. I prefer the alternative – a beautiful, one-of-a kind present that looks just as special as what is inside! Creating spectacular wrapped gifts that recipients will rave over is easy – here’s how. Begin by collecting or buying gift-wrapping supplies. My favorite place to shop for them is the local thrift store. It has a bonanza of unique items for you to use if you will let your imagination go beyond the obvious.

First you need a container to put your gift inside. You will always find a large array of boxes, either plain or decorated. They may have held candy, cigars, stationery, toys, or dainties. I like ones that need no wrapping, are already beautiful, and only need “add-ons”. You may also use a can to hold your gift; there are always dozens to choose from. Some are Christmas cans, some Valentine or Easter cans. Most held cookies or popcorn and come in a variety of sizes.

This is a good choice if you want to camouflage your present’s shape. If your gift is firm in nature, such as a toy, tool, or dish, you can always “bag-it”. Check out all the fabric available. There are wonderful tablecloths, curtains, ponchos and skirts; anything big enough to cut into a square that is larger than your present. Put the gift in the middle, pull up the corners, and tie with a ribbon. I always check out the wallpaper rolls as well. I may want them for wrapping a plain box. People seem to get rid of the unused portions instead of saving them for future uses. A partial roll of shelf paper is also good to pick up. Now you are ready for the ribbons and bows.

Don’t be afraid to use plenty, as they are the icing on the cake, so to speak. Wide ones, unique ones, or several used together will add interest to your present. If you check the sewing area of the thrift store, you will find plastic bags full of a variety of cloth ribbons. You may just use the bows or you may use the ties, but I guarantee the bag will be worth whatever it costs! Use your ingenuity – ribbons can be rickrack, straw, or even costume jewelry. Fabric you have purchased also works well. When torn into wide strips, it can be gathered up and used to tie a package.

Sometimes part of the present itself can be incorporated into the bow. A pair of socks, a handkerchief, or a stocking cap, tied in the middle becomes part of the overall wrapping. Now you have container, wrapping, and ribbons, but sometimes may want more. Always be on the lookout for little extras to add to the bow. Before Christmas time, there are bags and bags of ornaments and other seasonal dÃ?©cor you may want to use. There are also craft items and other holiday things to make your package special. Finally, sometimes you may want to combine the new with the used in your wrapping. For instance, if you find a beautiful new paper that you can’t resist, top it off with your unique “findings”.

I maintain, anyone can wrap a present with purchased paper and a stick-on bow. Now that you know how easy it is, you may prefer the alternative – a beautiful, one-of-a-kind gift uniquely created by yourself for pennies!

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