Online Sources for Business Freebies

If you’re a new internet-based entrepreneur and/or seeking free online business products and services, then check the business freebies online. Often these are just as professional as the at cost and/or low-cost products and services.

For press releases, there are a number of free press release distribution centers; many of these also offer free online business promotion. Here are some websites:

These and others that you can research quickly via Google or Yahoo allow you to write unlimited numbers of press releases to promote your products and/or business. They also provide free information and guidelines on how to write press releases. Press releases provide publicity, and you should write them making sure that your products and/or service is newsworthly. It’s not just a classified ad, for example. Also, before writing your press release review some of the press releases already published. How do these press releases make their products sound newsworthly? What type of headlines do they use to attract interest? How is the text of the press release written? What type of language? And press releases should include contact name, address, email and/or telephone number for further information, for newspaper editors who might want to do a follow-up story.

Free Advertising: Free Advertising Forum, Free Advertising Exchange,,,, and, among others.

Want a free banner? There’s: for free animated banners,, which has 1,000s of free banners

Just put “free banners” in your favorite search engine.

Need free company logos or graphics? Go to:

Want to set up your free online store? There’s, (includes free publishing),,, and many others. Put “free online store” in your favorite search engine.

What about free webpages? There are many, including,,, also has many other freebies and free tools for webmasters.

Business freebies and free stuff for business owners can be found at the following websites:

Some of these business freebies include posting jobs for free, freebies that help you set up and manage your own storefront, providing subdomains and free shopping carts, free business information, freeware, free ebooks, some that can be freely reprinted & distributed, free forums, free guestbooks, free experts giving free business advice & answering free business questions, free website counters, free newsfeeds, free business articles, free fonts, free internet access, free java scripts, free clipart and photos, free website traffic, free business cards, free publishing, etc.

So whenever you’re seeking a product or service for your company or website, trying putting “business freebies” or just “free” in your search engine. Whatever the free product or service. You might find that instead of paying out costly fees for a company logo, shopping carts, etc. that you can find many of the free items are as quality as the costly items. Business freebies are especially worthwhile for low-budget or no-budget startups making the internet fascinating and helpful for new entrepreneurs seeking to compete with the “big names.”

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