How to Schmooze Clients and Investors

Establishing relations with clients and investors is the key to success for any business, but sometimes it gets hard to get their attention as you do not anything interesting to say or write, other than your boring business slogans and promises. Clients and investors are very important for the success of business, but the trouble is, other businesses constantly try to grab their attention, robbing you of your customer base.

If you do not know how to schmooze a nice client you have luckily got in touch with, you will probably let him go and competitors will be there to attract him.


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    Be interactive

    When you find a client, you have to show them that you are interactive and you care for them. Being interactive means more just having a smiley face. You should ask multiple questions to your client or investor.

    No matter what field you work in, you can build a solid relation by being nice, caring, and a problem solver. Interaction should not be limited to the core problem or core interest, try to find out what your client’s general interests are and then talk accordingly. Ask them what do in their leisure time and what concerns them the most about current political and economic conditions.

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    Be informed about current events

    You have to keep an eye on current events. Being informative always helps you interact with your clients in an effective way. Remember that having information about current events is only intended to keep your investors and clients engaged with you. If you know little about things happening around you, you will not have much to talk about with your prospective client. Current events can be anything from politics to sports and from crime to government policies.

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    Be attentive

    When you are having a face-to-face meeting with your client, be attentive and make an eye contact with him. If you look away now and then while he or she is talking to you, he or she might get the impression that you are not taking him seriously and whatever he or she is saying is not important to you. Try to ask several questions while he or she is talking as it will also help you take part in the discussion.

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    Be a problem solver

    In most of the cases, clients and investors have something to complain about. They may or may not express their problems clearly, but you should be the first to offer them to solve their problems. Ask them what concerns them about your company or service. Being a problem solver should not be limited to service or job. You can give advice to them on anything they share with you.

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