Original Family Friendly Jokes About Vegetables

These family friendly jokes about vegetables help make healthy eating fun for all ages. Many kids, and many adults, think that veggies are boring just because they are “health food.” But, once you and your family share a chuckle over these original family friendly jokes about vegetables, your kids will learn that veggies are not just healthy, vegetables are fun. These family friendly jokes cover ten popular vegetables, so there’s something appropriate for every meal! To have a giggle together at the dinner table, or any time, try one of these original family friendly jokes about vegetables.

1. Family friendly jokes about carrots.
Q: What did one carrot say to the other carrot?
A: Is it orange in here, or is it just me?

Q: What did the other carrot say back?
A: Hang on a minute while I root around for the answer!

2. Family friendly jokes about zucchini.
Q: What kind of vegetable likes to look at animals?
A: A zoo-chini!

Q: What is a zucchini’s favorite game?
A: Squash!

3. Family friendly jokes about radishes.
Q: Why are radishes smart?
A: Radishes are smart because they’re so well-read (red)!

Q: What’s the coolest vegetable?
A: A rad-ish!

4. Family friendly jokes about peas.
Q: What do vegetables wish for, more than anything else in the whole world?
A: Peas (peace) on earth!

Q: Why do vegetables want that so much?
A: Because it will give them peas (piece) of mind!

5. Family friendly jokes about beans.
Q: What’s a tailor’s favorite kind of vegetable?
A: A string bean!

Q: What kind of vegetable is jealous?
A: A green bean!
6. Family friendly jokes about spinach.
Q: What’s a dancer’s favorite kind of vegetable?
A: Spin-ach!

Q: What’s the most uncomfortable kind of vegetable?
A: Spin-ouch!

7. Family friendly jokes about cabbages.
Q: Why do cabbages win at races?
A: Because they know how to get a-head!

Q: What is a taxi driver’s favorite kind of vegetable?
A: A Cab-bage!

8. Family friendly jokes about corn.
Q: What kind of vegetable is the most likely to be a rock and roll fan?
A: An ear of corn!

Q: What does corn say when it feels embarrassed?
A: “Aw, shucks!”

9. Family friendly jokes about eggplant.
Q: What is a chicken’s favorite kind of vegetable?
A: An egg-plant!

Q: What’s purple, delicious, and fun to decorate for Easter?
A: A hard-boiled eggplant!

10. Family friendly jokes about lettuce.
Q: What is a kayaker’s favorite kind of lettuce?
A: Row-maine!

Q: What did the salad greens say to the hungry kid?
A: We’ll make your mouth and your tummy happy, if you lettuce (let us)!

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