Outlook Express How to Guide

In this outlook express how to guide I will show you how to create and send new mail, forward and reply to mail, add contacts to your address book, and attach things to your email. So let’s begin.

Creating and Sending New Email

Open your Outlook Express program. Click on the Create Mail Button. If your Outlook Express does not have the standard tool bar at the top, simply click on File > New > Mail Message. A new window will appear. In this window you will type your email. In the box that is labeled “To” type in the address of the person that you want to send the email to. In the box labeled “Subject” type in the subject of the email. Then type the body of your message in the box below.

Once you are satisfied with your email simply click Send at the top left hand corner of that window. That will send your email to the person that you typed in the address.

Attaching a Photo or Document to your Email

Follow the same directions above except don’t send it and then you can attach your document or image. After you have completed the directions above click on Insert > File Attachment. A box will appear so that you can locate the document or picture on your computer that you want to attach. Once you have located what you want to attach click ok. Now your document or whatever is attached. Now all you need to do is click send.

Replying to Email

If someone sends you an email and you want to reply to it, all you need to do is click the Reply button at the top of your Outlook Express. A window will pop up so that you can type your message in it. Once you are through typing your message click send.

Forwarding an Email

If you get an email and you would like to forward it to someone else click on the email and click the Forward button at the top of your Outlook Program. The email will pop up in a new window. To forward the email, type in the person’s address that you would like to forward the email to in the box labeled “To”. Then click send.

Adding a Contact to Your Address Book

At the top of your Outlook click on File > New > Contact. A box will appear with different fields for you to fill in. Enter the information in the fields that you have for the person. You don’t have to fill out every field. I usually just put their name and email address but you are free to fill in what ever you wish. Once you have entered the information of your choice click ok. Now you have added that person to your Contacts. Keeping an address book makes it easier on you so that you don’t have to remember all your friends email addresses.

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