Patio Heaters: The Best Solution for Cold Nights

Patio heaters may be the best solution if you wish to lounge alone or with your family on cold summer nights in your patio. Patio heaters come in different styles and sizes and you will want to spend some time browsing your options and select the one that suits you and your requirements.

Fit the Need

If you are looking for super power large size patio heaters, go for the standard black coated which provides 40,000BTUs, a choice large enough for large patio. This giant patio heater utilizes stainless steel burners and a heating grid and is stable enough for the windy summer nights in the outdoors. For more heating action for your patio, this patio heater is the excellent choice for any home!

If you are looking for something a little bit smaller, try the table top heaters, which can be adjusted to 10,000BTUs. This patio heater features a stainless steel emitter and can be fuelled easily by using standard propane tank. This smaller solution does not mean compromise in performance in quality. They are merely a bit less powerful than those large size patio heaters; they take up less space and less power to run. If you are looking for a simpler way to heat up those cold areas, this type of patio heaters is the solution or you.

Mega Size Solutions

For cold backyards, the Nob Hill fireplace is a great option. It has a hinged or that allows clearance for a maximum of 13″ logs. It comes with a convenient and easy to use ash catcher; a fine mesh wire screen to screen sparks and protects the surrounding area.

This amazing creation will be the center of attention and have everyone talking about. It certainly complements any outdoor d�©cor and becomes the centerpiece that people can enjoy watching while lounging in the cold windy nights outdoors. The dancing sparks emitted from this mega size patio heater will be a wonderful sight to witness as you can your friends lounge in your backyard on cold summer nights.

Facts to Remember When Choosing Patio Heaters

Beauty and utility are two main things to remember when selecting the right patio heater for your home. You don’t want a well functioning patio heater that creates an unsightly sight in your home. You do not need an elegant patio heater that does not do the job well either. There has to be a balance, and where possible, to gain the best of both worlds.

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