PayPerPost and the Blogging Revolution

Dan Rua recently wrote a blog entitled “Pay Per Post: The Consumer Generated Advertising Revolution has Begun” (found at ) which deals with the growth of blogging sites like Pay Per Post, which connects advertisers directly to bloggers who exchange their writing services for cash. Rua is correct that the growth of such web sites is promising not only from a business perspective but also from the perspective of a growing number of professional bloggers throughout the world. While he goes on to state that web sites like You Tube and MySpace are trying to accomplish similar business models, I think he is incorrect in saying that neither has the capability to reproduce the Pay Per Post model in the future. While You Tube and MySpace are indeed different from other blogging sites, I feel that both have positive reputations among prominent bloggers. Bloggers drive up page views and click outs on advertisers, which means with determination and commitment to a more dynamic advertising model, they could easily replicate a Pay Per Post type advertising site.

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