Peach Pit Crafts

Peach or apricot pits are generally thrown away unless they’re retrieved by someone crafty who can imagine something fabulous from the pit. There are quite a few things you can make with the pits after they’ve been cleaned well and allowed to dry thoroughly.

Make a little duck family out of pits. Paint the dry pits black and allow to dry. Use a second coat, if necessary, and allow to dry. Now take a cotton ball and barely dip it into white paint. Touch the black pits on the sides, and one end, with the white paint. This will form the body, side feathers, and tail of the duck.

Look around at a craft store for small wooden shapes. The shapes should be somewhat of a triangular shape with one rounded end. These will form the heads of the duck. Paint the tiny wooden pieces black and allow to dry. Glue the piece on top of one end of the pit. Since you’ve already painted a white “tail” use the opposite end to glue on the head. When glue is dry paint a tiny dot, on each side of the wooden shape, to represent eyes. Paint a spot of orange on the end to make the beak. Glue the tiny ducks to wood chips or small mirrors.

Turn the pit straight up and down for a different animal – a penguin. Paint the pit black on one side and white on the other. Now glue the pit to a base of your choice. The base will make it much easier to work with the pit. Cut small fin shapes from black craft foam. Glue one fin onto each side of the peach pit. Use small wooden shapes to form the head and beak of the penguin. The shape should be rounded on one end and somewhat pointed at the other end. Paint black and glue onto the top of the pit. Use a small brush to paint on eyes. Touch the tip of the “beak” with yellow or orange paint. Use yellow or orange crafting foam to shape feet and glue them to the base, just in front of the peach pit.

Make a silly person from a peach pit with the help of a few craft items. You can purchase all different types of craft “heads” for this type of project. Choose one that has the face painted and glue it onto one end of the pit. Set the pit onto a base and attach stick legs and arms. Add hair to the head or even glue on bitty hair rollers. Use your imagination to create an entire funny family of pit people.

Make beautiful Christmas ornaments out of peach pits by first painting them gold. Fold a piece of ribbon or string in half and glue to one end of the peach pit. Make a bow from wire ribbon and glue it to the top of the pit, hiding the hanger. This makes a beautiful, glittery ornament. You can also make a door arrangement by gluing several of the painted pits onto one long ribbon. Add bells, strands of tinsel, pine cones and other holiday items. Make the hanger and bow before attaching to the front of your door.

The next time you eat a peach consider the crafts you can make before tossing the pit in the trash. You’ll be so impressed at what you can make with them you’ll be eating peaches all the time.

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