Frost a Cake like a Professional

A cake is a wonderful way to celebrate different occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, festivals, etc. Recipe books and information about the latest cooking trends are so widely available these days that many people are easily able to make cakes at home. By making a cake for someone, you can make that person feel extremely special. There are countless flavours of cakes, which should be chosen by taking into account the preferences of the recipient.

Even if you have the skills to make an amazing cake, frosting it efficiently could pose a major challenge for you. You will have witnessed that cakes appear a lot more presentable in cake/pastry shops. By following a couple of simple guidelines and tips, however, you can also frost a cake like a professional.

Things Required:

– A cake
– A platter
– A serrated knife
– Frosting
– Wax paper strips
– A spoon
– A skewer (preferably wooden)
– A table knife or an offset spatula


  • 1

    Slice off the top

    If the cake is dome-shaped, you need to slice off the top with the help of a serrated knife, which should help you make the surface flat and uniform for the kind of frosting you are looking for.

  • 2

    Add frosting

    In order to keep your cake moving while you frost, add a little amount of frosting to the centre of the platter.

  • 3

    Add the wax paper

    You can hold the cake in place by lining the edges of the platter with the help of wax paper strips. You can now set the cake on the platter.

  • 4

    Frost the top

    Before you frost the sides, you need to frost the top. A table knife or an offset spatula should be used to spread the frosting evenly on the cake. If you wish to have more than one layer of frosting then repeat the same step.

    Frosting often gets runny, especially if the temperature in the kitchen is hot. In such a scenario, you need to put the cake in the freezer for a few minutes before you continue frosting.

  • 5

    Finishing touches

    By using a spoon, you can add finishing touches to the cake. Keeping the surface of the cake smooth or creating waves is completely your choice. In order to keep the layers from sliding, insert the wooden skewer through the middle of the cake, especially if the cake is tall and layered.

  • 6

    Remove the wax paper

    You can now remove the wax paper and enjoy the wonderful and professional look of the frosting on your cake.

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