What is the Bar Crawl?

You probably have heard this term before “Bar Crawl.” But what exactly is it. As a college student I can tell you exactly what it is. At the end of the spring semester usually, students are nearing the end of their exams and want to go out and party for one last time with their friends before they have to say goodbye to them for the summer. Bar Crawl is basically a time honored college tradition across the nation where students visit each and every bar in the area near the university and get totally drunk.

Bar Crawl occurs during the week of finals because the next day most people are extremely hung over and can’t even remember too many details of what happened the previous night. Most people will travel with a group of friends because the more people that go together the more fun it is. During Bar Crawl, bars will have discounts on their pitchers of beer to increase sales and encourage customers to come. Bars will be fighting over customers so students take advantage of the opportunity and get even drunker and quicker.

The objective of Bar Crawl is to have at least one beer or shot of liquor or tequila in every bar. Some students even go so far as to bring their own beer mug or shot glass or cup to drink out of. Bar Crawl is a time honored college tradition and if you are over the age of 21 i encourage you as a college student to take advantage of the fun time you will have.

As a means of transportation, I strongly recommend that no one drive that night that you decide to do Bar Crawl. Call a taxi if the bar is too far away or walk or call a sober friend to drive you. Driving while buzzed or drunk is not a good idea.

The term “Bar Crawl” got its name because for many people who experienced the beer at each of the many bars, they would end up “crawling” home or walking back home really drunk and not in the right state of mind to walk straight. The prices at bars are very cheap like a pitcher being around $3. Bars want to promote students to their bars because it is the last time that thier bar will be crowded because students go back home after all of their exams are done and do not come back to Binghamton until the beginning of the fall semester in September. Thus, over the summer the bars in Binghamton are very quiet and empty.

So if you are done with exams early and your college area is a drinking town, get a bunch of your friends together and experience the time honored tradition of Bar Crawl.

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