People Hate Ben

The room was a cold room. It always was cold because his older brother couldn’t sleep if it was hot. Ben would make fun of his brother. Many people found that odd because his brother was deaf. Ben would taunt his brother. Always saying things about his deafness that Allie couldn’t hear. That was the brothers name. Most people said it sounded girlie but who would make fun of the deaf kid. Only someone as pathetically ignorant like Ben.
Bens mother would tell him that it is terrible to call your brother retarded and mock the way Allie tried to speak. Ben did not care what anyone said though. Ben wouldn’t think about whether or not to make fun of his brother he just would. That is Allie hated him. That is why Allie wanted to go away to a only deaf persons school. Ben would chastize his brother for that thought too. Ben would imitate what a room full of deaf people would sound like. It never sounded very flattering.
Bens parents were weak. Both were obese and smoked a great deal of cigarettes. They tried to control thier son but they found it a daunting task. They let him run wild and make jokes about everyone that would come to the house. The mailman stayed away and the Jehovas witnesses learned to keep thier distance. They had already damned the house to hell. Ben’s parents no longer had any friends over. Ben would comment about thier lip hair if they were a women, or thier brests if they were a man. The child would make any person feel total uncomfortability. Some say he even made a priest take a swing at him when he threatend to tell the police about the priest touching him. This was a horrendus lie because Ben had never Ben to church and had only seen the priest because of a chance meeting in a parking lot.
School was a terrible place for Ben. It was a place for him to thrive. He had plenty of subjects to insult. Mary had a large buttocks, and Charlie would have greasy hair. Everyone felt so sad after they talked to him that some would transfer schools. He would often spend his time in detention because of his wild tounge. This would only give him more pleasure though. He would torment the teacher on duty until the teacher would give in and send him home.
Ben would never get physical but that did not matter because neither would anyone he insulted. This was the way he went through school and the reason why everyone avoided him at all costs. Ben did not mind though. He could always take pictures of people and make fun of them in the privacy of his bathroom. Ben was a talented author when it came to so called “burn books.”
One day Ben walked into his room after sitting outside making fun of the nieghbors dog for three hours. He saw that his brother was laying down and Ben threw a pillow at him. When his brother did not move Ben doubled his efforts. He threw everything he had until he was out of ammuntion. He stood up and walked over to his brother. Ben poked him and then noticed that his brother wasn’t breething. Ben panicked and called to him mother. She thought it was a ruse so he ignored him. Ben noticed a note next to the bed. It said “Ben you are right, I am a retard and I shouldn’t be alive. I swallowed some chemicals that were in the garage. I hate you. Allie”
Ben did not attended his brothers funeral. Instead he ate a diner to spite his brother. Many people thought it was karma when two major drug lords where in the diner and suddenly had a gun battle. No one died but Ben taking three shots in the stomach. No one attended his funeral but the priest and one homeless guy. The homeless guy was drunk and thought it was his mothers grave. Lunch was not served.

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