Peru, Maine Local Travel Information Guide

Peru is a small, rural town in western Maine which has existed for over 180 years and has about sixteen-hundred residents. It is a good location for seasonal vacationing. It is also attractive for winter activities like skiing and snowmobiling. Peru has several businesses, a waterfront campground, and other establishments.

There are few stores in Peru. It has a gas station, a convenience store, and a discount/gift shop. Across the street from the gas station there is a monument store. The convenience store sells pizza, beer, and other items. Peru Discount & Gift Shop is located on route 108. The campground also has a store. There is a large, newer post office as well.

The campground, called “Honey Run Beach & Campground”, is located along Worthley Pond and can be used for RV, cabin, or tent camping. It has a private beach, full hook-ups, sport facilities, vending machines, and other amenities. Beach and primitive-type campsites are offered as well. Different rates are available depending upon whether you camp on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Worthley Pond, which would more likely be referred to as a lake in some areas, is small by Maine standards but large enough for most purposes. Greenwood Road runs alongside parts of the pond. There are snowmobile trails and several mountains in the area as well.

For those who desire to stay in Peru for a full weekend or longer, rental of a waterfront cottage may be considered. Some cottages available for rent are listed on the internet or in local newspapers. Renting a cottage provides more privacy and amenities than staying at a campground, but is usually more expensive and often requires a security deposit.

Aside from the convenience store, the only other business where food can be purchased is a take-out restaurant near the lake. It is called “The Bus”, and is hard to miss because it was converted into a restaurant from a large yellow school bus.

The nearest radio station is 780-AM in Rumford. It broadcasts religious programming and CNN news. The Rumford Falls Times newspaper reports on news from Peru, as well as other towns in the area.

There is also a small fire station, church, town office, auto body shop, and elementary school. Larger nearby towns include Mexico, Rumford, and Dixfield. Grocery stores, more restaurants, a department store, additional lodging, and other amenities can be found in these towns.

Little other information is available about Dixfield on the internet, aside from yellow page listings and weather reports. The campground and elementary school do have websites, while the town office does not.

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