Photoshop Tutorial: How to Add Textures to Your Text?

Let’s say that I have a new design, contains one or two words and I want to change this text look. What can I do?

Well this a really cool tip, usually used by professionals in Photoshop using a texture filter. You may say how can I apply a filter with texture to a text? Well this is what we will do now.

�Open your text design in Photoshop.
�Duplicate your text layer; just drag your text layer to the make a new layer icon. (Anther way to duplicate a layer, just right click over the layer and click on the duplicate layer option in the pop up menu appears to you)

– Check the attached Image.

�Create a new layer.
�Change you foreground color to your text color. This step is optional, cause you may try any color, this color will cover your text are after applying the texture filter.
âÂ?¢Select the new layer and fill it with your foreground color. “Option-delete if you are using a Mac, or just right click on the layer and shoes Fill “.

– Check the attached Image.

�Now go to Filters menu.
�Filters > texturizer.
�In the big window appears to you. You will find a list of textures to select from chose the sandstone texture. (If you want to try some more filters just make sure to give the layer the texture effect, This texture effect is very important to your next steps)
âÂ?¢You can edit your scaling and relief sliders as you like ” or just leave it as it was “.
�Click ok.

– Check the attached Image.

âÂ?¢Now in your layers palette you will find two layer, one for the text you added and the other one in the texture. Actually you can’t see your text now cause your texture layer is hiding it.
âÂ?¢All you need to do now is to get your mouse between your two layers and Command-option then click if you are using Mac or Ctrl-alt then click if your using a Pc. “left click with your mouse when you see the mouse curser changed”
�You are almost finished, now you will see your text is covered with the texture you made.
�You can change your text now if you want, and you still have the nice texture covered your new text anyways.

– Check the attached Image and the Final one.

I hope you find it cool, until next time.
Thanks for reading,

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