Pittsburgh’s B-J Maintenance Co., Inc.: A Wonderful Service

It had been months since I had any overnight guests, so I had no need to go into my guest bedroom. The room was vacuumed, new sheets on the bed, and so on. It was ready for use – or so I thought it was.

About 2 months had gone by since we had an over night guest. My mother was coming to town so I did what I always do and brought some things for her into the room. To my dismay I found that there had been a leak from the window! The entire wall was showing signs of water damage. How could this happen so quickly I thought! I took some measurements and went to my local Home Depot and ordered windows. Two of them really odd sized they will be in – in about two weeks I was told. I went home and called B-J Maintenance. I was greeted by a very nice girl who took my information and said she would have some one call me back as soon as possible. I received a phone call back that day and set a date for them to come and put in the new windows.

The windows are here. I call B-J Maintenance to confirm my appointment and the girl said “I have you on my list of reminder calls” I couldn’t believe a maintenance company called to remind people of there appointments.

Two men showed up the next day and went right to work. They took down the old drywall cleaned and dry the studs and replaced my windows. They primed and paint the entire wall. I had only expected them to prime and paint the new but they said they didn’t want the new to show. It would look better to the whole wall. The employees were attentive, answered all my questions, and cleaned up after themselves. There work was impeccable!

Three days later I received my invoice. I was shocked to say the least. It was CHEAP! I thought for sure I was going to have to claim the damages on my home owners insurance, but the cost wasn’t even my deductible!

I am so pleased with this company. I almost wish I had more work for them to do! I will use them for any and all future repairs. After I had this done I learned a few things about the company I would like to share. They have been in business for over 40 years. They are family owned and operated. They have a great reputation with the better business burial and the community. They do both commercial and residential work. This company does every thing from changing light bulbs to remodeling. Plumbing, electrical, remodeling, and more. You can have your own materials on site or they will order for you. They give free estimates always. Over all I have to rate this company at a 100%! They will have my business from now on.

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