Places to Eat in North Canton, OH

If you’re ever in the North Canton/Canton region of Ohio, you absolutely must try these restaurants.

Hang Yuen Kitchen
(Chinese)Do you like Chinese food? If so, you can find nothing better than Hang Yuen Kitchen. Located at 1664 North Main Street, they’re a small restaurant in the back right corner of the complex. Don’t let their size fool you; their food is wonderful, their prices are competitive, and their service is fast. Whenever my family orders from them, we always get six combos and six egg rolls; our order is always ready within 1o to 15 minutes. They offer nearly every type of Chinese platter available, ranging from $5 to $9 dollars a quart, and are very flexible with your orders. A must try!

Geisen Haus (German)

If you prefer more original food than the average burger/chicken combo, try German! Geisen Haus, located at 6955 Promway Avenue Northwest, serves all types of German dishes, and is rather affordable. A nice restaurant!

Pizza Oven (pizza)Unique to onlyCantonOhio, Pizza Oven has the best pizza you will ever taste! Affordable and filling, Pizza Oven is a pizza-lovers dream come true. There are several Pizza Ovens scattered thorough Canton, one of which is on N Main StinN Canton.

Cracker Barrel (Traditional American)Looking for traditional American dishes, Sunday style? Then Cracker Barrel is your place. Located at 6940 Sunset Strip Ave NW, they serve many different types of meals, including chicken, fish, and steak. All meals come with salads, potatoes, and/or vegetables. This restaurant is a very enjoyable place to eat, crafted from rough wood and given an old world style setting. This restaurant is also kid-friendly, offering coloring pages and crayons to keep the kids busy, and offering a wide variety of children menu options.

Joe’s Crab Shack (Seafood)Want seafood? Visit Joe’s Crab Shack at 6338 Strip Ave NW. More relaxed than Red Lobster, the Shack will more than satisfy your desire for shrimp, fish, crab, lobster, or anything else you can think of. They offer something for everyone, ranging from Coronas to chocolate milk. They are very kid-friendly, and will make sure the tykes are occupied.

Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sub Shop (Cold sandwiches)Does a cold (or hot) sub, a bag of chips, and maybe a cookie sound like a good meal to you? Then you have to visit Jimmy Johns Sub Shop, located at 2049 Easton St NW, where all your sub-desires will be met!

Longhorn Steakhouse (Steak!)Perhaps you say “to heck with the chicken and subs, give me steak!” If so, Longhorn steakhouse was made for you. Servings perfect steaks to your preference, you’ll be stuffed to your max with wonderful beef, potatoes, and everything else you can think of. The restaurant is visually pleasing, giving you the feeling of walking into a Texas ranch rather than an Ohio restaurant. This restaurant has country music playing constantly, wonderful service, and is very kid-friendly. Beware though, if you have a lot of people, the tab is going to be a little hefty.

Polambos Italian Restaurant (Italian)If you like Italian, you may want to try Polambos before skipping over to the Oliver Garden. Polambos food is superb, sure to satisfy the Italian lover in you, and it won’t break the bank. Located at 4100 Portage St NW, it’s a restaurant definitely worth trying.

Don Pablos (Mexican)My personal favorite is Don Pablos, where the Mexican food can be as mild as a green pepper or burn-your-eyes-out hot, whichever you prefer. Food is superbly excellent, with nearly every dish you can think of, in nearly any variety you can imagine. Prices are fair, atmosphere is energetic (but not too much so) and service is great. This restaurant is also very kid-friendly, and offers many different types of children’s options. It can be found at 6476 Strip Ave NW,N Canton.

Rocknes Pub and Grill (Pub)What would a visit to Ohiobe like without a pub? Rocknes is a superb restaurant, serving a wide variety of meals, ranging from salads to fajitas to gyros, and everything in between. While Rocknes is a fun atmosphere, where people talk loud and watch one of the many mounted TV’s, it can also work equally as a nice family restaurant, and is very kid-friendly. Rocknes is possibly most famous for its portion sizes, which are massive. Order a salad, and they practically give you a grazing trough! Most people split one combo between two people simply because of their sheer size. This is one of the first places to visit! You can find a Rocknes at the intersection of Portage and Frank at the Strip in N Canton.

JR’s Ice Cream
Simply want some ice cream? Visit JR’s on N Main StreetinN Canton, where two dollars will get you a cone the size of your forearm. A wonderful place to take the kids! There you have it! The must eat at restaurants of the North Canton/Canton area, where you’re sure to find something to suit your style.

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