Planning for Elder Care

Elder care decisions are tough but with proper planning and research, the decision process can be much easier on all involved. There are several options available and many different levels of care that are available. All available options should be researched fully before a final decision is made.

A residential care facility or skilled nursing center may need to be considered if your elderly parent can no longer take care of day to day activities such as cooking and personal hygiene on their own. If you notice a change in physical or mental conditions, it may be time to start researching an elder care facility. These facilities offer a complete care solution, there is complete supervision with an array of available services. The staff of registered nurses and certified nursing assistants oversee medication and general health concerns. Patients are regularly seen by licensed physicians and can often receive any necessary rehabilitative therapies on site.

Most nursing homes also offer social interaction. Bingo, movie nights and church services are typically offered throughout the week. While not typically seen as necessary, social interaction is an important thing to consider.

If a full care nursing home is not yet needed, there are still several options that are available. Many assisted living facilities offer care on various levels and more care options can be incorporated as the need arises. One of the major benefits of an assisted living facility is that they allow for married couples to live together even if only one is in need of care. Assisted care facilities typically offer an apartment type of setting with private kitchens, and baths. An active assisted living facility will offer trips and outings to local activities. This is a great way to allow your elderly relative to keep their independence while still having care available when needed.

Be it a nursing home or an assisted care facility, there are many things to consider and research before making a final decision. It is important to visit the facility that is being considered to assess the home. Things to consider should be patient to staff ratio and the general cleanliness of the facility. Security is another important thing to consider. Doors should be locked to outside access and all visitors should come through a main entrance. It is also a good idea to call the agency that licenses nursing homes in your state. A quick phone call can make you aware of any reports of abuse or other infractions by the nursing facility.

By researching the facilities available in your area, it will make the decision easier when the need arises. It may not be an easy decision to make but it is one that you can be much more comfortable with when you know that you have done your homework.

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