Play Cosmic Encounter Online for Free

The great space board game that pits alien against alien has an online version that is equally as entertaining as the original. The best part about Cosmic Encounter Online is that you can play free. While the free accounts are limited, the fun is not. Expect to have a good time conquering and defending planets

In Comic Encounter, the goal is to place four colonies on one planet. You gain colonies by challenging and defeating other players. It’s a straightforward goal but can be tricky. When you attack a planet, you decide how many ships to send. You can ask for allies to help in the attack and the defending planet can also ask for allies. If the attacking alien is successful, then they get to place one colony on that planet. Other rules and more about gameplay are explained through a tutorial which takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.

One downfall of Cosmic Encounter Online is that turns can take a while. Each alien has two actions. These can take a while to play out with the asking for alliances, sending ships, negotiating, or playing pods to see who wins the battle. The game is not speedy but shouldn’t take a long time to finish a game.

While you can play Cosmic Encounter Online for free, a paid membership account will expand the possibilities of the game. Your alien is randomly selected, just like in the board game. The free account only has six playable aliens. The paid accounts do open more alien races. Each alien race has its own special ability that will help you while playing Cosmic Encounter Online.

Membership costs do vary, depending on how much and what you want from the game. I like they have the option of a day pass for $1.50 that opens up all of the aliens for 24 hours. This is great for the casual gamer who may play a lot one day and none the next three months. A 99-cent ticket grants a player full membership access for 12 hours. There are several other membership options for those wanting to pay for months of membership.

You can play Cosmic Encounter Online for free, and challenge your friends to a game at no cost to anyone. There are several game rooms to choose from, allowing you and three others to battle among yourselves. If you enjoy the free version of Cosmic Encounter Online, then the paid accounts may be for your. Their tiered payment options give players flexibility when it comes to duration and cost for paid memberships.

Cosmic Encounter Online captures the spirit of the board game, bringing the entertainment value and fun of the cosmic adventure to the Internet.

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