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FlyFF or Fly For Fun is a MMORPG that is completely free to play for everyone. I personally play this game when I have a few minutes or a few hours to kill. The game plays a lot like Ragnarok Online if you are familiar with it. The most unique feature FlyFF has is a gimick. The gimick is, not surprisingly, that at level 20, you can earn a license to fly. Travel via flight is a lot of fun and the game is well maintained by the developers.

The game is free, but from their website, for mostly affordable prices, you can purchase equipment, costumes, spells, and the like that can also be attained in game with effort. Don’t feel you are being suckered into paying money to play because it’s nothing essential. Think of it more like a donation with benefits if you choose to give them a few dollars, they’ll be happy to show their appreciation with a gift.

I personally feel that this is a great game to play for sheer amusement and just wanted to bring it to the attention of other gamers who like these types of games. If you put $20 dollars down every other month for some fun gear or spells, you’d be saving yourself at least $6 compared to playing Final Fantasy XI, so splurge on something if you really want it, because the money that comes in to the developers will just encourage them to make the game better so people will enjoy it and come back.

If you want to know more about it, please visit their main page at .

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