Pokemon Adventures: Chapter 1 – Part 3

Mia glanced down at the five pokeballs Professor Oak had given her, and the pokedex which would record the data on all the Pokemon, the girl encountered. Charmander had been recalled to his pokeball and was now hanging from the girl’s belt. After leaving the lab, Mia headed to the Poke Mart and bought a few potions and antidotes. Her mother had suggested stocking up on these things just in case something went wrong.

“Alright!” The girl said, heading out of Pallet town.

Just as the girl was about to enter the forest, she spotted a small group of boys leaving. “Hey Mia!” Said David, standing a few feet away. “Did you get your Pokemon?” The boy asked.

“I did!” Mia said, crossing her arms in front of her chest. “What about you three?” She asked.

“We got one,” David said, and with that the three boys lifted their pokeballs and summoned their Pokemon. David had a Bulbasaur, the other two boys each had a Squirtle.

“Here’s mine,” Mia said, summoning her Charmander.

“Cool!” David said, grinning. “How about a Pokemon battle?” He asked.

Mia couldn’t help, but smirk. “WhyâÂ?¦” She began, but stopped when she spotted another boy several yards away. He was on his knees spraying a Bulbasaur with a potion. It also looked like the boy was crying.

“UhâÂ?¦ No,” Mia said, shaking her head.

“Why? Scared?” He asked.

“No!” Mia snapped. “I just don’t feel like fighting a novice, that’s allâÂ?¦” The girl said.

“Novice!” Travis snapped back. “I already caught a Rattata and a Pidgey!”

“I seeâÂ?¦” Mia said, her eyes fell to her Charmander, who looked ready for a fight.

When David realized that Mia wasn’t going to battle him, he and the other boys recalled their Pokemon. “WellâÂ?¦ good luck out there,” he said, and with that the three boys headed back to Pallet Town.

“Sorry Charmander, I couldn’t,” Mia breathed.

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