Polygrip Denture Adhesive Review

Polygrip should be the denture glue that denture wearers grab off the store shelf. Dentures are not the nicest dental device to wear, so it is very important to use the best glue available. This is one category that it does not pay to try and save money by purchasing cheap products. However, the cost of Polygrip is comparable to other brand names like Fixodent.

Polygrip meets the need for long-lasting hold. Other denture Creams promise all-day hold however, Polygrip is the only one to keep this promise. Where other creams hold well if there is no eating involved, Polygrip denture adhesives hold long after eating a meal that includes meat or caramel desserts.

Say goodbye to bad breathe. Original Polygrip has a clean fresh mint taste that lasts as long as the glue does. If you don’t like mint, Polygrip Free is a tasteless adhesive that works just as well as the Polygrip Original. While I love the mint taste, I don’t like the way the mint taste mixes with the taste of breakfast. Other than that, the mint is a welcome plus.

There is many denture adhesive products to chose from; wafers, cream and powder. So far Polygrip adhesive cream is the top contender, not only because of taste or strength, but because of fit. Loose dentures are a medical concern and should be fixed by a dentist. However, whether it is due to a lack of money or time, the use of Polygrip denture adhesive helps to put aside the concern for a later time. While wafers can also do this, wafers are hard to work with and sometimes just cannot fit properly.

To prove my point about Polygrip’s quality, let me tell you about a woman I know. She hadn’t had her dentures very long, so she was using a Fixodent sample tube given to her by the dentist. Out of habit, she bought a Snickers candy bar. With a single bite her mouth was thoroughly stuck shut. When she would try to open her mouth, the teeth would start to pull off of her gums. She eventually had to go to the public bathroom and forcefully remove her teeth as one item.

I told her about Polygrip and she bought it the next day. After a couple days of getting her nerves up, she tried to eat another Snickers candy bar. Although she had a bit of trouble eating the peanuts, the glue held and she finished the snack. Now she too swears by Polygrip.

If there was any one thing I could change about the Polygrip product, it would be to use the ooze control designed tip from Fixodent. Other than that, Polygrip is the best denture adhesive product on the market and I recommend every denture wearer try it once.

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