Pot Bellied Pigs as Pets

As many of you may know, pot bellied pigs used to be very popular. People purchased these cute little pot bellied pigs and loved them, until they started to weight over one hundred pounds and they realized that the pigs weren’t the pigs they thought they were buying. Most of these huge pigs ended up in pig sanctuaries. You need to know how big the pot bellied pig will get before you purchase it. You also need to know if you are allowed to keep pot bellied pigs in your area. You might have to get a permit to keep the pot bellied pig.

I know you are thinking that these animals are horribly smelly and messy. This is completely untrue. These animals are very clean and odor free. You will also not have a problem with allergies. They are very smart and they can be trained very quickly. You can reach the pig to go outside to go to the bathroom or you can teach the pig to use a litter box if it is small enough. These pigs are just like any other pet you might have, they are curious, playful and entertaining. They require a lot of attention and they love to play and run around. You need to spend a lot of time with this pet otherwise the pot bellied pig can get destructive if left alone for long periods of time. The pigs get bored and become destructive to pass the time.

These pigs have a good sense of smell and you will often find them lurking next to the trash can so you will want to place the trash can in an area where the pig cannot get at it. Your pet will often beg for food and nudge you at the family table. They use their snouts to nudge you. If you do not give them food they may become aggressive. You should make sure that your pig eats before you do.

Pigs are much like dogs because they beg, need exercise, attention and try to be dominant. You need to train your pot bellied pig as you would a dog. You need to let the pig know that you are dominant. If you do not teach and train your pig it will most likely become aggressive and destructive. You will need to set rules with your pig and keep them. Tell your pig no when it does things it’s not supposed to. Never feed your pig at the family table or you will never be able to eat in peace again.

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