Five Fun Spring Outdoor Activities

Spring is a time of beauty, growth, and joy. It is when the world wakes from its winter slumber and begins to warm itself in the bright sun. One might feel as if he or she cannot get enough of the fresh air and warmth. Below is a list of five things that one might do to enjoy the weather.

Plant a Garden – You can spend time outdoors by growing flowers or vegetables. Gardening is very good for you, for you are spending hours out in the sun and fresh air. You will also feel very accomplished when you look at the beautiful flowers that you have grown. It is also good for the environment to plant things that will remove carbon dioxide from the air. If you are worried about your plants attracting bugs, you can plant horsemint, a natural bug repellant, alongside the other plants.

Go on a Picnic – If you do not have a green thumb, then there is another way to enjoy the outdoors. A good way to spend time with your family or pet is to pack a lunch and head to a local park. You can spend the entire day outside having fun and enjoying nature. Sandwiches and fruit are always good for an on-the-go lunch. It is also a good idea to wear sunscreen on bright days, even if you are only out for a couple hours.

Create Art – If you are a person who enjoys writing you can go outside with a notebook and write poetry or some other prose. Those who are artistically inclined can sit in a park with a sketchpad. The nice weather that comes in spring brings with it many exquisite things that can be captured on canvass or with poetic words.

Go on a Walk – Those of us who do not have that much time on their hands can also enjoy the outdoors. You can go on a walk and take as much time as you like, depending on your schedule. It is a healthy activity and a great way to fit exercise into your daily schedule. You could also ride a bike or roller-blade if you preferred. You must remember, though, to keep hydrated during these activities.

Participate in a Spring Sport – Not everyone is into sports, but for those who are spring is a great time to take advantage of it. Mainly younger people play sports, but those of us who are older can also enjoy a sport. There are many sports, such as baseball and tennis, for more active people, and games such as croquet for less active sports players.

Spring is a wonderful time for being outdoors with friends and family. No matter how active you are or how much time you have you can always find something to do outdoors. You could take a quick jog around the block or spend hours pulling weeds and pruning. Have fun this spring!

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