Powerbar Vs Marathon Energy Bar – Which Energy Bar is Best?

Powerbar has been the leading name in energy bars since 1986. Over the past few years, several companies have developed and marketed their own versions of an energy bar, creating competition for Powerbar. One of these competitors is Snickers and their new Marathon Energy Bar.

A Powerbar contains 17 vitamins and minerals as well as 100% of B-Vitamins and Vitamins C and E. Like all energy bars, a Powerbar has a high dose of carbohydrates. It contains 45g! In addition, the powerbar provides 230 calories.

Powerbars are very thick and chewy. They taste very grainy, and the chocolate flavor is awful. They taste like chocolate chalk-flavored cardboard. The bars do give a good energy boost and gets rid of hunger, if you can manage to eat the entire bar without gagging.

Snickers Marathon bars far surpass Powerbars! They contain 16 vitamins and minerals, 10g of protein, and less than 30% of calories from fat. It only packs 220 calories, 26g of carbs, and 13g of protein.

Their unique Quadratein protein blend is a mixture of soy, peanut, casein and whey combined with carbohydrates and nutrients. This helps deliver a sustained energy release. Also, as a low Glycemic Index food, Marathon bars help keep your blood sugar levels stable and provide your brain and working muscles the long-lasting energy you need.

Amazingly, the Snickers Marathon bar actually has the aroma of a regular Snickers candy bar. It even looks like a flattened version of it. Marathon bars are made in layers. The top and bottom layers are chocolate, with the middle layer being peanuts and caramel. It is a bit more chewy and tougher to bite through than Powerbars, but the taste is great. You may find it easier to digest the bar with a glass of water or another liquid beverage because of its texture. The Marathon bar does not taste like the sweet candy bar Snickers is famous for, but it’s not far from it. I can easily finish one of their energy bars and sometimes crave another! Unlike Powerbars, I do not taste the grittiness or have to force the bar down.

The Marathon bar boosts my energy and controls my hunger, much like Powerbars. Again, these bars are high in energy and have a low GI which makes them very suitable for consumption as a pre-exercise snack.

According to sports dietitians in Australia, because of Marathon’s rich flavor and higher fiber content than Powerbars (due to the inclusion of peanuts), you should experiment with these bars for tolerance in a non-competition setting. Also, the amount of carbohydrates and protein in the bars make them an ideal choice for recovery if consumed with enough fluid. The high sodium content may have the potential to improve hydration status following exercise, due to its effect on increasing fluid absorption. I congratulate Snickers on their Marathon Energy Bars. They contain just the right amounts of protein, carbs, and other energy-boosting ingredients, as well as tasting delicious. I would recommend them a thousand times more than a Powerbar.

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