Practical Uses for Pool Noodles

Pool noodles are great for water activities. Since they are flexible they can be used in many different ways, but they are good for more than just paddling around in the water while staying afloat. They can be used to create new toys, doorstops and more. Consider these practical uses for pool noodles, and save money in the process. They can be used to solve a number of problems, and you will never look at them the same way again.

Protect the Edges of Delicate Items

When you have to protect the edges of something delicate or something that must be shipped or packed away, use pool noodles. As the photo shows, they can be used to trim the edges of a wakeboard or anything else that could become damaged in transit or while in storage. They can even be used to protect and pad delicate plates. Slit a foam noodle down one side, and trim it to the appropriate length. It will fit snugly over edges and protect valuables that might otherwise end up destroyed.

Prevent Wall Damage Caused by Car Doors in the Garage

Are you worried your dry-walled garage becoming damaged by vehicle doors? Expensive store-bought solutions are not required to prevent the problem. Pool noodles are a practical and inexpensive solution for preventing marks and dents. Slit at least one noodle in half, and attach it to the studs of the garage wall using wood screws and washers of the appropriate size. They will work beautifully to protect doors and walls.

Make Simple Doorstops for Less

When kids should not close interior doors because they might become locked in, do not bother with doorstops that can be easily removed. Make simple padded doorstops using pool noodles. Cut 5-inch long pieces, and place them on the top edges of the doors. They will not close, and kids will not be able to reach them.

Create Forms for Tall Boots

Tall boots can be quite stylish, but not after they have been improperly stored. They can collapse and develop undesirable and unattractive shapes. Pool noodles are a practical solution for keeping them in prime condition. Cut a foam noodle to fit the height of the boots, and firmly place them inside. Expensive boot forms are not required. Cheap and colorful pool noodles will help maintain the shape of all types of boots when they are not in use.

Source: Professional Home Decorating and Crafting Experience

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