Practical Ways to Add More Storage for Winter Clothes

With summer just around the corner, it is time to store winter garments and make room for warm weather clothing including t-shirts, shorts and swimwear. You do not have to purchase another chest of drawers or stuff seasonal items into trash bags. Use these practical space-saving options instead. Your winter clothes will remain in perfect condition, and they will be ready to wear when fall arrives. Best of all, you will have more than enough space for last years clothing as well as stylish new summer attire.

Use a Cedar Chest or Storage Trunk

When removing winter clothes from drawers and making room for your summer wardrobe, consider investing in a full-size cedar chest or a roomy storage trunk. Neatly fold and organize everything before packing it away. The items can be transferred back to dresser and chest drawers when fall arrives, and they will be ready to wear.

To keep the clothing smelling fresh and clean and free from damaging insects, consider adding cedar clothespins that have an amazing fragrance. The Good Home Company currently offers 5 different scents, and they are ideal for keeping clothes smelling great while in storage. Otherwise, renew your cedar chest using the information in the article entitled How to Refresh the Smell of a Cedar Chest. When using a storage trunk that is not made from cedar, add several fresh cedar blocks. They will also thwart insects while keeping the fabric smelling fantastic.

Buy Space Saving Zipper Bags for Fabrics

Ziploc brand is a household name when it comes to storage. Now they are offering Ziploc Space Bags. They are available in a number of convenient sizes, and they are ideal for winter clothes storage. They save an amazing amount of storage space, and winter clothes are securely protected from moisture, insects, soil and more. Once they are sealed they can be tucked into unused drawers, in closets or in other available storage areas. They are well worth the price since they work as advertised, and they can be used again and again.

Turn the Area Under Your Bed into a Place for Storing Winter Clothes

The empty space under beds ends up covered in dust bunnies. Why not make the most of the empty space? It is ideal for winter clothes storage. Use the aforementioned Ziploc brand Space Bags, or fill unused suitcases or plastic totes with off-season items. Dust bunnies will not have room to accumulate. Best of all, bedroom drawers can be used for summer clothing instead of garments that will not be worn until mid to late fall.

Source: Professional Home Decorating and Storage Experience

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