Creative Uses for Extra Coffee Mugs

Admit it. You have extra coffee mugs sitting in your kitchen cabinets that you never use. Somehow coffee mugs seem to accumulate more than most other kitchen items. Whether you have two extra coffee mugs, or twenty-three extra coffee mugs (you know who you are!), all those extra coffee mugs are doing is taking up valuable space in your kitchen cabinets! Free up some space in your kitchen and try these fun and creative uses for all those extra coffee mugs.

Planter/Flower Pot. Extra coffee mugs make great planters for small plants. To turn your extra coffee mug into a flower pot, either drill a hole in the bottom of the mug using a drill bit designed specifically for ceramic items, or place several small rocks in the bottom of the mug for drainage. Then fill the coffee mug with dirt and add your plant or flower. Just be sure to choose a plant that won’t get very large, or be prepared to transfer your plant out of the coffee mug when it gets too big.

Candle Container. If you enjoy doing crafts, why not try your hand at some homemade candles? Coffee mugs make a great container for a poured candle. Just add your wick, melt the wax, add a scent, and pour it in. Coffee mugs are designed to withstand plenty of heat so the heat of the flame will not harm the mug. Extra coffee mugs in many designs will make great candle containers.

Mosaics. Extra coffee mugs can be broken apart into small pieces and used for creating ceramic mosaics. Just be sure to break the pieces carefully, since they will be very sharp. Ceramic snips work well for this task. Your mosaic pieces will also need to be very small. The curvature of the coffee mug will make the mosaic pieces too difficult to place if they are very big.

Pencil Holder. If you have a coffee mug that has some special significance to it, but you just don’t really use it for hot drinks, turn it into a pencil holder. Pencil holders are useful in a variety of places including your work or home office, kids’ rooms, the kitchen, and near any phones in the house. Set your favorite unused coffee mugs on display by using them as a pencil holder.

Soup cups. If you have too many coffee mugs but could use some extra bowls, transfer some of your coffee mugs to a different kitchen cabinet and start using them as soup bowls. Mugs work great for sipping thin soups since they already have a handle. You can also use coffee mugs for serving desserts.

Don’t clutter your cabinets with extra coffee mugs you never use. Try these tips and make the most out of your cabinet space and your extra mugs.

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