Practice Manual and Power Hand Tool Safety

My father worked as a machinist and one day he lost one-third of a finger when he got it caught in a drill press. Although my father was hurt on the job, accidents in homes from hand tools occur every day. It is estimated that 80 percent of all industrial accidents are from using hand tools in an unsafe manner. To prevent the type of accident my father had and others, safety precautions should be practiced at all times whether using power or manual hand tools. It is up to each individual person to take the responsibility and learn the correct and safe way to use hand tools.

Always inspect hand tools before and after using. Clean tools after every use and make necessary repairs if damaged. If power hand tools are used excessively be sure to have them serviced at least annually.

Read and follow all manufacturer instructions for use, and care of manual and power hand tools. Be particularly observant of the safety instructions both in the manual or guide and any labels on the hand tool itself.

Only use hand tools for their designed purpose.

If a hand tool requires special training to use, be sure to get the required training. Some may require a certificate or even a license to operate.

If a tool has a sharp edge, never test it on a part of your body. Test only on the material the hand tool is designed to be used on.

If extra gear is needed when operating a particular hand tool, such as safety glasses, gloves, or a helmet, always be sure to have the correct type recommended by the manufacturer and wear them.

Be sure to use the right size hand tool for the job. Using too small or too large a screwdriver for a screw could result in the screwdriver slipping and poking your skin.

Always point the cutting edge or pointed end of a hand tool away from your body when carrying it; and never place these in your pocket.

If climbing ladders with hand tools, be sure to secure them to your body or a rope to avoid them falling and possibly hurting someone on the ground.

Not only does a person need to protect themselves from injury when using hand tools, but they also need to protect their loved ones. Keep all hand tools, manual and power out of the reach of children and teach them to respect the safety requirements as they grow older.

Source: Ace Hardware

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